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sleepypodIt’s not your typical carrier. It’s round, it’s versatile and it is the ultimate luxury for tagalong pets. It’s the Sleepypod® Carrier and we’ve been using one since early November. The Sleepypod’s ease of use, safety features, luxurious style and comfort set this carrier paws above the rest.

The Sleepypod®  is unique not only in it’s design, but in its flexibility and comfort. The Sleepypod® has lots of options for use. It can be a pet bed at home (or on your arrival), and it can be used for flight (and let me tell you that we had some problems getting the cats out of the plush interior), and it can be used in the car with a seatbelt. The mesh dome top lets your pet view the scenery without fear of escape, and the base can include a built-in heater, a mesh hammock for the warmer days, or with the cloudpuff ® fleece insert. We found the ultra luxurious lining that is included with the product to be our cats and dogs favorite, but only you know your pets preference. 

The Sleepypod® is available in two sizes, the mini and the standard. We have been using the standard size since November and found that our two large-breed foster pups fit comfortably into it until they were about 5 weeks old. Our cats (small and large) all love the plush interior and ability to come and go when the dome is completely removed. 

The Mini Sleepypod® is ideal for those who travel the air with their pets as it will fit comfortably under the seat of a plane. If you have smaller pets, this is the one for you. For those of us with larger pets, try the Sleepypod® in your car and be sure you strap in for safety! Try taking it to work during the day and have a bed already for your pet when you arrive. It’s a purr-fect all-in-one solution for dogs and cats alike.

Cost: Starting at $135   
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