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The New SleepyPod Handilock Makes Holiday Travel Safer

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Before you hit the road this holiday season, be sure your pets are as safe as you are in your vehicle. The great news it that if you’re as big of a fan of the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed as I am, you’re going to be very excited about their most recent news. Sleepypod recently introduced the PPRS Handilock which has dramatically increased the safety of their carriers while traveling.

The PPRS Handilock was named a Top Performing Pet Carrier in a Subaru of America, Inc. and Center for Pet Safety (CPS) collaborative study to test the effectiveness of pet carriers and crates in crash situations. This handy little gadget simply attaches to the carrier closure. If you already own a Sleepypod, the PPRS Handilock is available free of charge until December 31, 2015. Future purchases of the Sleepypod mobile bed will include the PPRS Handilock without additional charge.

This is a short, helpful video to demonstrate how simple it is to use:

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The SleepyPod is a uniquely different approach to pet carrier design, and especially valuable for cat owners who need their cats to feel secure in their carriers. The difference lies in your Sleepypod being able to function as a  pet bed, carrier, AND car seat. This makes it especially great for cats as they can use the base as a bed during the day, which helps alleviate stress while traveling as they are already quite familiar with the product when it’s converted to a carrier (simply attach the top).

One of the things we love about Sleepypod is their commitment to pet safety. To extend pet safety after an auto accident, they have created a Crash Replacement Program. Sleepypod will replace, or provide a replacement discount, on any pet carrier or safety harness damaged in an auto accident, regardless of the brand. (Find out more about this great program)

Sleepypod began crash testing their popular mobile pet bed in 2008 at the Japan Auto Research Institute (JARI) to research its safe use in automobiles. Ongoing, independent testing by Sleepypod of its pet safety restraints, to include the Sleepypod mobile pet bed, incorporates dynamic crash testing at two National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) contracted testing laboratories.

Sleepypod utilizes the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Standard (FMVSS) No. 213 test for child safety restraints as its standard for crashworthiness research and testing. View Sleepypod crash test footage at http://sleepypod.com/research.

[box title=”Brands that DID NOT PASS preliminary testing (to qualify for crash testing):” box_color=”#996633″]
  • USA K-9 Outfitters; Champion Harness.
  • In the Company of Animals; CLIX Car Harness
  • Coastal EZ Rider (Also Private Labeled under the Petsmart Top Paw brand).
  • Snoozer Pet Safety Harness and Adapter

Watch these informative crash test videos

If you’re an information hound, you can download more information to read the full results. Here’s the link to the 2015 Carrier Crashworthiness Study Summary. You can also find additional carrier study results and videos by clicking here.

For those looking for the safest harness for pet travel, you must check out the Sleepypod’s ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Harness.

Their unique harness design is similar to the three-point seat belt required in all vehicles. A wide-webbed harness structure and padded vest evenly distribute forces across a dog’s chest to lessen the chance of injury during an impact, while side straps reduce lateral movement by anchoring the lower end of the dog in place.

This safety harness was named the Top Performer and was determined to be the only harness to offer substantial crash protection in this study. The ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Harness was designed specifically to keep your pet passengers in their seats at all times, even in an accident.

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