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PetAcoustics: Soothing the Savage Beast with Music

Pet Acoustics
Pet Acoustics

Can music soothe the savage beast? PetAcoustics says it can and after giving it a try, we completely agree. As a calmant, this product is invaluable for dogs, cats, birds, and horses.

Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker Preloaded with Calming Canine Music is a mobile Bluetooth speaker pre-loaded with music designed specifically for sensitive canine ears. Not only is it great for pets, but it’s pretty nice for humans as well. If you’re a fan of classical music, you’ll love having this on throughout the day.

PetAcoustics provided us with a unit to try out on our dogs, which we did (and still do). However, we ended up putting it into our cat enclosure when we brought in a new foster cat and noticed a marked improvement in behavior across the board.

The goal of PetTunes is to keep pets calm. It works during thunderstorms, doorbells, and I think it will change our lives during the hectic holidays.

 Obviously, this option isn’t going to be much help if you have a deaf dog (and we do). But, we did notice that since our other dogs were more calm, Cheiss was more calm as a result. So the “herd” effect works beautifully if you have more than one animal.

When we leave the house, we put the speaker on play and go. There’s no fear that it will turn off or malfunction. These units are surprisingly durable (even in my clumsy hands).

The units come preloaded with music that lasts about 90 minutes (but you can set it to automatically repeat). The battery will last about 5-7 hours if you let it play all day. When that time is up, simply place it back on the USB charge or use the USB/AC adapter (included). The speaker is wireless so you don’t have to worry about installing anything or permanently attaching the speaker. Place or hang it anywhere your animals love to hang out (including your barn!). You’ll see a marked change in temperament within minutes.

There are several units with different types of music for each species. They have specifically designed music for cats, dogs, horses, and birds. However, we found that the dogs unit works pretty well on cats as well (and I’m sure the reverse is also true).


The music of PetTunes is designed by composer and researcher, Janet Marlow. It’s been clinically proven and endorsed by veterinarians and behaviorists around the country. Not only can you use it to keep pets calm during thunderstorms or stressful conditions, it will help decrease barking while you’re away from home and can assist in keeping all animals calm throughout the day.

Entrepreneur Magazine named Pet Acoustics “Top 100 companies for brilliant ideas”.

We think you and your pets will love this unique way of keeping animals calm. Just be sure to purchase the correct version of PetTunes for the species.

  • Dogs: Consists of relaxing, classical music that has been composed to reach specific tones that helps dogs stay calm.
  • Birds: This is a more “lively” form of music that is (for whatever reason) reminds me of something I’d hear at a Renaissance fair. It’s designed to engage bird activity.
  • Cats: The cats version is quite similar to the dog version of music as they respond to similar wavelengths.
  • Horses: This music is more of a southern melodic orchestration with very heavy rhythms. You’ll watch your horses calm down in the barn as you play it!

You can listen to samples before you buy on their site.

As a quick note, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their lovely packaging. They have done a great job making this unit compact and secure in a hard plastic case. It fits perfectly snug and there is no waste – we love that in our products!

  • Pre-loaded with 90 minutes of original calming music 
  • Bluetooth enabled for easy use
  • Battery charge lasts 5-10 hours
  • Music is pre-loaded on a 1GB Micro SD Card
  • USB charging cable/ 1/8 inch input chord included
  • Easy click-on to play
  • Up / Down volume controls
  • Includes lanyard to hang Pet Tunes anywhere​

  Comes with a USB charger/ and a wrist strap to hang anywhere.

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