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Product Review Disclosure


PetsWeekly.com is a trusted source for pet product reviews, pet news and pet lifestyles. We love our pets and their health and well-being are of critical importance to us. For this reason, we will never test a product that we believe is dangerous, unreliable, or questionable in any way.

Keeping that trust in mind, we want our readers to value our opinions and rely on our reviews. Since we can’t run out and purchase every product that we review (the sheer financial implications of doing so is overwhelming at best), we often receive samples of products from marketing groups, corporations and/or individuals.  This in no way influences our opinion of the products and are nearly always donated to animal rescues or given away to others in need.

Our reviews are all done by a handful of people, and so the limitations of reviews are such that we must be very selective in what we print. In the interest of saving time, we only review the products that we like and which hold up to our standards.

If we don’t like it, we don’t review it. Unless it is a potential safety hazard to your pet. In that case, we will let you (and our audience) know. This includes FDA and company recalls.

Pet Food Reviews

We also recognize that certain subjects are deeply personal to each reader, including what brand of food to feed your pet. Each animal requires a diet and feeding schedule that works for them and we hold no judgement about what you feed your pets. For these reasons, we do not regularly REVIEW pet food. We do, however, work with vendors on sponsored posts.

Our own dogs are exclusively fed food from The Honest Kitchen.and we love this company, it’s principles and it’s quality. We strongly recommend you check out their line of human-grade pet food – tell them we sent you!

Product Reviews

Because we want to be fair, we almost always donate any products that we’ve reviewed to local and national no-kill, non-profit rescues; individual people who have rescued a new animal and are in need of said supplies to keep their pets healthy; donated as prizes for any PetsWeekly contests, or occasionally, we will keep a product. If we do keep it, we use it frequently and always refer back to the company while the product is in use. That’s only fair!

Want Your Product Reviewed?

If you represent a company who has a product you want reviewed, contact us at Petsweekly(at)gmail(dot)com and ask for additional information. Keep in mind that we are in no way obligated to review your product, do not accept payment for review, and do not guarantee the product(s) will be reviewed positively if they are indeed reviewed at all. Products may be offered as prize wins for our readers, donated to a nonprofit rescue, given away to anyone we feel may have a use for it, or kept by us.

Affiliate Links and Paid Ads

We do not accept text link advertising and all advertisements are clearly marked as “Visit our sponsor,” “Visit our Pack,” or “Advertisement” or are located in an area of the page so as to indicate they are advertisements (such as the banner region).

We utilize affiliate links where possible, which is on nearly every page. If we haven’t added an affiliate link on a page, it was due to an oversight on our part and we will add it soon. Sorry/Not Sorry. Our pets have to eat, too…

We occasionally accept paid advertising from companies that we trust. The act of accepting an advertisement from any company or individual does not in any way indicate a relationship or obligation or endorsement, and in no way indicates a review was altered or slanted in any way. Accepting advertising is simply a way of paying for the upkeep and maintenance of one of the largest pet-product-review and pet lifestyle websites, and is considered sole and separate from any product reviews that we have done.

Pack Tested, Pet-Approved

We will be bringing a “Pack-Tested, Pet-Approved” and “Pride-tested, pet-approved” rating to all of our reviews. To view this list of classifications and what qualifies a product for review, please take a look at our “Pack-Tested Policy” on PetsWeekly.

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