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5 Products Designed to Keep Cats and Dogs Cool

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As Phoenicians, we understand heat. That’s why we’re always on the hunt for ways to keep our pets (and ourselves) cool in the summer and why we’re always so excited to see new products on the market designed specifically to keep pets cool during the dog days of summer.

Since our temps regularly exceed 100 degrees (we’ve had 25 days of 110+ this year!), we consider ourselves experts on ways to stay cool. So we have sourced out some of the finest products that can help your pet do the same. If it works here, it will work wherever you are!

Our Favorite Ways to Keep Pets Cool

Here’s a look at a few of our favorites (and we’re proud to say that our days of freezing jugs of ice water to place in front of fans are long gone…)

Cool Pet Pad from Green Pet Shop

We showed this to you last summer and it remains one of our very favorite items! The Green Pet Shop has perfected natural ways to keep you and your pets cool. This cooling pad uses your own body temperature to activate and immediately becomes cool to help reduce your core temperature. I have one in my chair, and several lying around the house for our dogs and cats.

The Cool Pet Pad is the only one that is doesn’t require water or electricity and the cooling pad is pressure-activated. As soon as your pet lies down, the cooling effect starts and lasts for up to four hours (depending upon conditions)!

The pad recharges automatically after a short period of non-use. You can super-cool your pad by putting it in the refrigerator and it will last even longer.

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There are 5 sizes available (including one that fits a human’s entire body so those awful hot flashes don’t cripple you all night!). They fit perfectly into carriers and crates, so your dogs will be able to stay cool (just be sure you have a big enough area to let it recharge).

The pad is machine-washable (just remove the cover) and you can wipe down the core technology with a soft wipe. A water-resistant cover helps keep the pads safe from pet accidents.

keep pets cool

Kumfy Tailz Cooling Harness

Kumfy Tailz harnesses utilize patented gel-pack technology to improve the comfort and health of your loved one in extreme weather conditions. This harness helps easily regulate the body temperature of your dog or cat.

The cold packs (which can also be used to warm your pets) fit nicely into a pouch that fits along the chest and belly area, where dogs exchange the most heat. You and your pets can enjoy the outdoors longer without worrying about heatstroke (at least until it warms up). Use the harness year-round with or without the gel pack.

keep pets cool

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Cool Air Pad from Gen7Pets

The Gen7Pets™ Cool-Air Pad is a natural way to keep pets cool without over-cooling them.The specialized “Cool-Dry Core” is designed to reduce pressure points on your pets hips and elbows while allowing the maximum airflow and drainage. You can use it just about anywhere – indoors or outdoors. We love keeping one on the patio so we can move it around as needed.

The mesh sides and bottom allow for any water drainage (after a storm, etc.) and it’s very easy to clean – just unzip the cover, remove the core and wash!

It’s available in four colors ( Trailblazer Blue, Desert Sand, Silver Lining (all with black mesh sides and bottom) and four different sizes, so it will work with whatever size pet you have.

[photo_gallery style=”4″ source=”media: images/dogreviewproducts/cool-cot-gen7pet.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/cool-cot2-gen7pet.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/cool-cot3-gen7pet.jpg”] [Learn more about Surviving Summer: 8 Tips for Pets in the Heat] [Learn more from Gen7Pet or buy now at Amazon]

Chilly Vest™ for Dogs

The Chilly Vest is a good way to keep big dogs cool in the Southwest during summer. The lightweight, breathable vest has four pockets to hold gel packs – so you can cool your dogs off in the heat of summer. The vest features hook and loop straps around the chest and an adjustable belt around the belly for a secure fit.

To use these, just freeze the gel packs and then insert into the four pockets on either side.

Keep in mind that this is a vest for large dogs (it’s relatively heavy) and it can cool your pets off too fast. Also, your dog’s body heat will warm the packs up quickly, so please don’t rely on this as your only method of cooling. We recommend only using it when your pets are outdoors with you in the heat of summer or if you’re in a hot area and your power (hence, your air conditioning) goes off.  Don’t let your dogs get too cool!

keep pets cool

[Learn more about Keeping Pets Safe Without Power in Summer]

Air Cot from Gen7Pets

The Cool-Air Cot® Pet Bed combines portable convenience, outdoor durability, and pet-friendly comfort. It is ideal for raising your pet off muddy, bug-infested, hot or wet surfaces. The Smart Air-Flow mesh technology reduces the potential for itchy hot spots on your pet’s skin.

This cot is the perfect resting place for on the deck, by the pool, at the beach, camping, RV’ing and more. It comes in two colors (Trailblazer Blue or Pathfinder Red) and is available in two sizes:

  • Medium (30” wide) can hold up to 60 lbs.
  • Large (36” wide) can hold up to 90 lbs.

Here are some features you should know about:

  • Smart Air-Flow mesh provides cool air comfort
  • Curved, raised back provides support and is ideal for dogs and cats that like to curl up for a nap
  • Quick snap-together design for storage and travel
  • Mesh resting area can be adjusted for a firm or soft fit and easily adjustable to your pet’s comfort needs
  • All-weather cot that can be left outdoors
  • Durable double stitching for extra strength
  • Powder-coated steel frame will not rust

keep pets cool

[Learn more from Gen7Pet or buy now at Amazon] [load_module id=”582″]

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