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Luggage for your Dogs: A look at the Mountain Smith K9 Cube


Once, while on a camping road trip thru Colorado with my two wolf hybrids, my friend and I arrived at my very remote camping spot to find my dogs had consumed the steaks we had so looked forward to eating that night. Somehow, they had managed to lift the lid of my cooler and help themselves to a five-star meal, while I ended up eating Top Ramen in the desert at 8 pm.

Traveling with pets offers a number of logistical issues you often need to overcome. Dogs are usually able to get their snouts into any of your belonging. Which is why we were thrilled to look at some organizational items designed specifically for life on the road with your pets. Whether you camp, compete in dog sports, or just enjoy a day at the dog park, you’ll find something you’ll love in these modular hauler systems!

The Mountainsmith K9 Cube Dog Pack is a way of organizing your items into individualized, removable pockets. It helps to keep your food away from your pets’ food, toys away from the dog, and easy access to emergency supplies (like first aid kits, or – say, treats…)

What I love about them is the ease in organization. Separate compartments can be added to store individually, then removed and repacked as needed. An exterior pull-down side packet holds collapsible food and water dishes, which makes “on-the-go” feeding time a breeze.

The cube was recently updated for 2014 and now includes an interior divider, a separate PEVA-lined food container, and collapsible dishes. You can purchase additional packets at the MountainSmith website.

We especially love the mesh pockets on the side for easy access to toys or “quick grab” items. We keep a bottle of our Earthheart Canine Calm in there, as well as our puppy wipes and doggy spritz so our truck doesn’t start smelling like wet dog after a day at the lake. The shoulder straps is comfortable and large, easily fits enough food and water for our three large dogs, and also lets us store an extra towel, leashes, harnesses, and plenty more.

The K9 Cube is large and holds everything from food to beds, making it the perfect go-bag for daily use or an emergency bug-out bag that stores a 3-day supply of food and all of your pet’s laminated records.

This is the ultimate luggage set for your dog and if you’re involved in competition sports, or just make a daily run to doggy daycare, this is the set of luggage you’ll want to use.


•    Drop down food tray on front panel
•    Removable PEVA lined food container for overnight stays (PVC free)
•    Dual haul handles for tote-style carry
•    Two collapsible water bowls with PEVA waterproof liner (PVC free)
•    Interior divider to separate food and toys
•    Two side mesh pockets for tennis ball carry
•    Padded shoulder strap


•    150d RipStop Poly
•    210d poly liner
•    PEVA waterproof liner for food and water storage (PVC Free)


•    15″ x 15″ x 7.5″


•    1600 cubic inches / 26.2 liters


•    2 lbs 11 oz / 1.22 kgs

Fit Range:

•    Chihuahuas to Great Danes

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