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As I sat looking at the Buddy Meal platter in my hands, I found myself wondering why there aren’t more healthy, affordable, pre-packed meals for humans on the go.  It can be tough to find quick food to eat that not only satisfies hunger but is nutritionally well-rounded—especially when an errand or trip across town crops up in the middle of the day.  For pet owners this can present an even more difficult challenge because they not only have to be sure they have sufficient food and water for their pet, but a mess free way to serve it to them as well.

That’s where Buddy Meals comes in…

Buddy Meals, created and produced in Arizona, are pre-packaged meals for dogs (available in Natural Chicken Meal & Rice and Natural Lamb Meal & Rice flavors) that contain everything you need to care for your pet’s “emergency” nutritional needs.

Inside each package you will find: an 8 oz. bag of kibble (which is enough for1-3 feedings, depending on the size of your dog), a 12 oz. bottle of purified water, a 2 oz. doggy treat, a waste removal bag, and a divided biodegradable serving dish.

When I first heard of My Buddy Meals , I immediately thought it was a brilliant idea.  My only concern was that it’s generally advised that if you want to switch your dog to a new food, you should do it slowly by feeding them increasing ratios of new food to old food.  This caused me to wonder if using the Buddy Meals would cause dogs’ tummies to get upset since they would be eating an all new food with no transitional phase.  The Buddy Meals website quickly took care of my concerns.  The kibble in each Buddy Meal has been specifically designed to be easy on the stomach.  It’s free of corn, wheat and soy, and is fortified with the vitamins, minerals and probiotics that your dog needs to be as healthy and happy as they can be.

If you travel, take your pets camping, or just have a day-trip planned and you’ve been wondering how to deal with the food and water issue, Buddy Meals really are a perfect solution.

This is also a fantastic item to keep in your Pet Emergency Kit. It is critical to have food and water in a packaged, sealed container for any type of emergency, that may mean a flood or fire – or just a kit that you keep handy in case your “buddy” needs to stay with a friend or relative.


For those involved with animal rescue, or those kind-hearted individuals who occasionally find themselves picking up animals they run across in day-to-day life, this is the perfect item to keep in your car.

I was also pleased with how well they package the meals as there is no empty space, meaning less waste. The trays and packaging are biodegradable and easy to pack or store away.

Pet-friendly and earth friendly, Buddy Meals are definitely worth keeping in stock.  If you live in the Phoenix area, you can have them delivered to you, or just swing by any of the locations found here.  If you don’t live in the Phoenix area, don’t worry!  Regional and national distribution will be coming in a few months.

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