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PetZen Dog-To-Go™ Soft Shell ChowPal™ Dog Travel Bowl Kit


For so many pet owners, the idea of traveling with their pets tends to conjure up daydreams of cruising the highways and byways with their canine friend, wind in their fur, without a care in the world. It’s not too difficult to make a list of things one might need to care for their pet on the road, and you can get everything gathered up without much fuss. If you’re anything like me, you get the car packed, and decide your best option is to put the fresh water jug, bowls, food and the like wherever they’ll fit. It shouldn’t be too hard to get it back out later when you need it, right?

You stop at a gas station parking lot for a drink and a stretch fifty miles down the road. Which is about the time you remember that things have a way of shifting around in the trunk. Five minutes later, your movie-like expectations of hitting the highway dashed, you’ve unpacked your duffel bag, laptop, pillows, extra blankets and everything you need to give your poor thirsty dog a drink except for the water itself. Giving up sooner than you normally would for the sake of your beloved friend, you walk into the gas station and pay a ridiculous amount of money for a bottle of water. Okay, so lesson learned. Planning is easy—storage is the hard part!

That is, storage was the hard part! Take a look at the PetZen Dog-To-Go™ Soft Shell ChowPal™ Dog Travel Bowl Kit. It’s got everything a dog owner who likes to travel with their pets needs, and it all fits in one carrier made out of pack-cloth, which is very durable and highly water repellent. Included in the kit are a 450 mL (roughly 15 oz.) water bottle, two stainless steel bowls (6″ diameter, 2″ depth, approx. 2 cup capacity each), a nylon storage bag that will hold up to 10 cups of kibble, a spill mat and even a toss toy for exercising you and your road-weary pack member. I personally took the time to price out what it might cost to purchase the items in the kit, and I found that the individual items would cost at least ten dollars more than the kit’s list price of $29.99. Not only is it handy, but it’s less expensive!

The PetZen Dog-To-Go™ Soft Shell ChowPal™ Dog Travel Bowl Kit not only keeps all of your road supplies handy in one case, it’s also compact enough to fit behind the front seat of your vehicle, which keeps it within easy reach, no matter how much stuff of your own you have to bring along on your trip.

I would highly recommend you purchase this kit if you ever travel with your dogs. It really is a great product at a great price from a company that understands our pets are a part of our family. They design their products knowing that we want to include them in as much of our lives as possible. Order yours and make any trip more simple and stream-lined—bringing you and your pack closer to your dream of the perfect road trip.

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