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Celebrate the National Parks 100th Birthday with Carolina Pet

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Today marks the 100th birthday of our National Park Service and they’re celebrating all week with FREE admission to all 412 national parks from August 25 through August 28.

How better to celebrate this occasion than a walk through the canyon of Zion National Park? Watching the mountain goats scale the glaciers in Glacier National Park? Taking a swamp boat ride through the Everglades or having a picnic lunch under a stand of aspen in the Rocky Mountains?

Of course, the scenes that make up the national parks have been here much longer than 100 years. In Yellowstone, geysers have been spouting mineral-rich water into the sky like clockwork for millions of years. Glacier Bay has kept its wild coastal preserve and sheltered fjords for centuries. Dinosaurs once walked among the now Petrified Forest of Arizona and the redwood trees of Sequoia have called the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains home for thousands of years.

If you love animals, you can’t help but love the natural parks they call home.

Today is the day we should be out among nature, not trapped in our cubicles at work. But if you can’t get out, we have some other ways you can celebrate with your pets.

1. Celebrating US National Parks with today’s Google Doodle #GoogleDoodle

2. Take a Virtual Tour of each park with a virtual eTour or eHike from the National Park Service.

3. Locate your favorite National Park at findyourpark.com/find

4. Pick up an annual pass to the national park system (and don’t forget your senior discount and/or military discounts!)

5. Head outdoors!

And to encourage you to get your pets out for a hike, we’re talking about an entire collection of pet sweaters, blankets, beds, and more. This beautiful collection features patterns from 10 state parks created by Carolina Pet.

Carolina Pet’s collection was inspired by the beautiful National Park blanket patterns, which were designed and woven by Pendleton during 1916 in their US-based mills. That same year, the National Park Service was founded to support and expand our national treasures.

To coincide with the Centennial Celebration of the National Park Service in 2016, they took these patterns and translated them onto pet-friendly fabrics that can be machine washed. Each item carries a beautiful woven label of the park it represents along with the Warrantied to be a Pendleton brand label.

If nature doesn’t inspire anyone to head out on the trail, this collection might do the trick.

Your purchase provides a donation to the National Park Foundation to support priority national park projects to help preserve and protect these American treasures.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#006633″ style_color=”#006633″]National Park Pendleton Pet Beds[/heading]

These beautiful beds are made from soft polyester polar fleece backed with durable cotton canvas. They feature the official colors of the state parks and feature a rugged design that compliments the patterns. They retail from $99 to $169.

[photo_gallery style=”4″ source=”media: images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-PetBeds.jpg”] [heading style=”1″ color=”#006633″ style_color=”#006633″]National Park Pendleton Dog Coats[/heading]

Polyester polar fleece backed with quilted cotton canvas keeps pets warm while you’re sitting around a campfire. They retail between $49 and $69.

[photo_gallery style=”4″ source=”media: images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-Acadia_Sm-1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-Badlands_sm-1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-CraterLake_sm1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-GlacierPark_sm1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-GrandCanyon_lg1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-GreatSmokyMountains_med1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-MountRainier_Sm1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-RockyMountains_sm1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-YakimaCampGreen1.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Coat-Yellowstone_sm1.jpg”]


[heading style=”1″ color=”#006633″ style_color=”#006633″]National Park Hiker Collars & Leashes[/heading]

These collars feature nylon webbing with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon and retail for $29 & $39.

[photo_gallery style=”4″ source=”media: images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-PetBeds.jpg”]


[load_module id=”210″] [heading style=”1″ color=”#006633″ style_color=”#006633″]National Park Explorer Collar & Leashes[/heading]

These heavy collars and leashes feature bridle leather and coordinating grosgrain ribbon designs and retail between $49 and $69.

[photo_gallery style=”4″ source=”media: images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-ExplorerLeash-SmokyMountain1.jpg”]


[heading style=”1″ color=”#006633″ style_color=”#006633″]National Park Travel Water Bowl & Food Storage bags [/heading]

Keep everyone fed and water with these adorable water bowl and food storage bags – they retail for $29 each.


The Pendleton Pet Collection is available at Pendleton retail stores and outlets and through their catalog and website. You can also find them at LLBEAN, ORVIS, Nordstroms, The Sundance Catalog and other fine pet shops and boutiques.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#006633″ style_color=”#006633″]National Park Commemorative Pendleton for Humans[/heading]

We were also thrilled to discover that they have created a Pendleton collection for humans! Here’s a small sampling:

[photo_gallery style=”4″ source=”media: images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-mug.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-map.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-trail-log.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/Cp-NP-Pendleton-shawl.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-Pendleton-boots.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/CP-NP-glacier-blanket.jpg”]

We’ll be discussing this clever collection again soon – but now, we’re packing the dogs into the car and heading out to our most favorite play area, the Grand Canyon National Park!


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