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If you do any traveling at all with your dog, this is a product that you will love.  Canine Covers are built to last, designed incredibly well, and customized for your individual needs.  What is the difference between these and other car seat covers, you ask?  Allow me to enlighten you.

Canine Covers have been designed with pets in mind.  They are created from a heavy-duty canvas material that allows the dog to do their worst using claws or teeth, and still never penetrate the material.  The material, however, is still soft and comfortable for humans to sit on.  Canine Covers are also designed with a water-repellant finish which eliminates stains and/or smells from urine or drool, whether its from canines or kids.  These covers will also deflect just about any bodily function that we’ve had experience with from both species!

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Besides durability, the other great thing about these covers is their ease in installation.  As many of you know, I don’t read directions.  My husband is the direction-reader, I’m the “learn as you go” type, and that little quark has cost me a lot of time in frustration.  However, these covers are put into place in a matter of seconds. There is nothing to attach, nothing to zip up, and no worries that they will fall off.  Highly efficient, durable and easy to use, you can have a vehicle of any kind ready for your favorite mutt in minutes! 

We recently purchased a new Ford Explorer which, of course, we are attempting to keep as “new” as possible – not an easy task with three dogs and 14 cats, each with their individual sets of problems.  In the past, we used our other SUV for transport, and we didn’t generally take our pups along on trips because they just tend to destroy vehicles.  However, once we installed the new Canine Covers, which included the Cargo Liner and Rear Seat Protector, we have no fear about loading all three mutts into the Explorer and heading out on a wild weekend in the wilderness.  In fact, we don’t even mind loading our two human kids in with them – we are absolutely confident that the liners will protect our vehicle completely.

The other nice thing about Canine Covers is that you can completely collapse the rear seat at any time without making any adjustments, and the covers are designed to stay in place.  They come with small Velcroed openings so that your seatbelts are always at hand, or you can Velcro them back into place if they are not needed.

Best of all, Canine Covers are machine-washable.  If they do get soiled, simply put them in the washer, then place them back on the seats.  They don’t lose their shape, they don’t lose their repellant ability, and they are absolutely simple to install.

These covers come in all sizes, for all types of vehicles including boats, RV’s, and small cars.  Even luxury cars if the need arises.  Ordering is simple and their wonderful customer service department will help you match the interior of your vehicle with the best cover color (of which there are many to choose from!).  I highly recommend calling their customer service department for help on ordering – they will be happy to insure that you order the correct set for your vehicle! 

Although they can be a bit pricey (our rear seat and cargo seat for an SUV ran about $450), I can tell you that it is well-worth the price, particularly when you’re discussing a $40,000 + vehicle!  Canine Covers are designed to last, they fit as though they came with the vehicle, and when you’re talking about a vehicle that costs nearly as much as a home anymore, a few hundred dollars is a small price to pay to protect it.

We have had them in place for awhile now, and have yet to see a stain, tear or rip anywhere in the material.  That alone is worth the price!

From the Dogs:

Growls: None!  We all love being able to ride in the luxury truck! 

Leaps of Joy: Twelve Paws Up!

From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up: We love it!  There is little we can do to harm these well-built covers and we love that they look so natural and built in.  Great for pets and kids, and the occasional careless adult!    

Drawbacks? Nothing that we have found so far!  Everything is easy to use, simple to install, and most importantly, looks fantastic on our new vehicle!

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