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Ever had a dog that freaked out on thunderstorms? Who tore up the house every time you left him alone even if it was just to walk to the mailbox? Ever had a dog that you couldn’t take into public because his behavior was, well, embarrassing?

Content-Eze is the product for you. Content-Eze is a new product on the market from Sergeants Pets. It’s a simple fix for freaked out friends and it’s all-natural. Now if any of you have ever set down to a large Thanksgiving dinner and purged yourself on turkey until the next thing you know, you’re in front of the television asleep, you’ve experienced the same results your dog will experience when you give him one or two of these tasty tablets. The only difference is that it is liver flavored and it’s a lot easier than eating an entire turkey.

This is due to its active ingredient, L-tryptophan. L-Tryptophan is a natural essential amino acid and can be found in many foods including turkey, fish, meat, dairy, eggs, nuts and wheat germ.

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L-tryptophan works with the Serotonin in your body to produce a sleepy feeling. When you ingest tryptophan, amino acids that compete with the chemical leave the bloodstream and enter the cells of the muscle. This (somehow) causes an increase in the concentration of tryptophan in the bloodstream. The serotonin is synthesized and you will feel a little sleepy and more relaxed. Now, obviously I’m not a chemist, physician or veterinarian, but I am a dog owner and I’ve seen this product work.

While it’s been used in people for centuries as a natural relaxant, to reduce anxiety and depression, and to alleviate insomnia, it’s now available for pets.

Not to long ago, the AVMA did a study to determine if the addition of tryptophan would lower aggression in dogs. Turns out, it does. In fact, the study was incredibly promising, and I’m really surprised that someone hasn’t come out with a product like this long ago. However, now that Sergeants has taken the step forward, done the research and followed up with the documentation needed to support its’ claims, I can happily recommend it to my readers. To read more about the study that the AVMA conducted, click here.

Let me give you an experience I had while reviewing this product. I have three dogs, Cheiss (mutt), Roscoe (Beagle/Lab) and Tristan (wolf/coyote). Each day, we have had some aggression come forward in the form of dominance and challenges for dominance. We began giving them the Content-eze and the aggression has gone from daily to bi-weekly. Does it eliminate the aggression altogether? No – it’s not a miracle drug. But, it does help tremendously.

Another example occurred during a recent thunderstorm. All of our dogs feed on one another’s fear when lightening strikes. This storm was no exception. The thunder cracked overhead as if the hamme rof Thor were slamming our happy little home, and the dogs freaked out, much as we did. I could hear the “click, click, click” of nails across the tile floor and the subsequent whimpering and whining that occurred with each strike.

I had already given my dogs one of the content-eze tablets, and after reading the directions, realized I had not given them enough according to their body weight. Tristan, much to his delight, received 2 more tablets and Cheiss and Roscoe received only one more each. An hour later, the storm still ravaging the skies over head, our dogs were all peacefully sleeping on their individual beds and I was free to return to bed and get a good nights sleep.

Yes, this product works. No, you cannot get the same results by feeding your dog a complete turkey. Please don’t resort to those measures. This is a much simpler process and much safer for your dogs.

From the Dogs

Two paws up! We get as tired of being stressed out as you do!

From the Humans

Two opposable thumbs up! We love not having to worry about our animals as much. It’s not good for them (or us) to be stressed out all the time!

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