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Flex-Gel Pet Beds


Occasionally, a product comes along that we’re not really sure about until we try it out. For me, the FlexGel Pet Bed is one of those products. Now – before I get too far, I want to let you know that I do indeed love it, because we don’t waste your time with products that don’t deserve a good review. As you know by now, if it’s on our site, it’s worth purchasing. Flex Gel Pet Beds is one of those good products.

Let me start off by saying that we currently have 4 different brands of pet beds, and my animals love almost every one of them. The Geltek is my coyote’s very favorite bed, though. Why? First, because it’s strong enough to cushion his brittle ole bones, and second, because he’s incredibly spoiled as a general rule.

About this bed. To begin with, it is best described as a pressure-reducing, hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, 100% machine washable pet bed.

Now – if you can do any better than that statement, just let me know because I would be interested in doing a review. But, until someone can beat that statement out, I’m going to be sticking with the FlexGel. One thing that I really liked about this bed is that it is made by the same people who created the Geltek bed for people. It is the “people” bed that literally never causes bedsores in patients. The reason why it never causes bedsores is due to its design and material.

FlexGel’s™ honeycomb-like structure distributes your pet’s weight evenly which is great for any pet, but especially helpful to relieve pain that comes with hip-dysplasia and arthritis, both of which 10-yr old Tristan suffers from. This bed has helped him walk better, feel more energetic and be more like a “puppy” than he ever was before. (He was far to serious as a puppy to really enjoy his life!). Now, even though an 80-lb puppy is not exactly my fondest dream, it’s so enjoyable to see him have energy again, that I’ll even let him jump onto the couch and cuddle once in awhile.

The unique honeycomb structure that makes up the guts of this bed is what allows for weight to be evenly distributed and helps to eliminate pain in dogs. Cheiss, our little mutt who once suffered from a shattered him, agrees and there is often a fight over who gets which bed. Usually the Cog wins out, and you’ll see her sprawled out over the bed like a little princess. Or rather, a very spoiled and arrogant heiress. Sort of like Paris Hilton, but much cuter.

At any rate, this is a bed you must have – I even use it to curl up on once in awhile when my back is bothering me. We have been using this bed for several months, and I have to tell you about a couple of other fun features. One, its nearly indestructible. And the only reason I qualify that statement with “nearly” is because I have not yet tested it on the most destructive of all dogs, my parent’s little terrier, Willie. Once I do let him try it out, I’ll get back to you. Nevertheless, the bed has withstood attacks by my cats, my beagle and my mutt. They have been unable to chew it open, and in the case where one of my cats succeeded in getting a few claws through the cover, was unable to puncture the inside of the bed. That is impressive…

On top of that, it’s completely washable and the cover can just be thrown into the washer. The bed itself can be taken outside and washed with soap and water or just hosed off, which we actually needed to do when one of the cats got a little territorial over the bed and sprayed it. It never retains moisture and it can be completely “purified.”

It doesn’t pick up any bacterial and is completely microbial-free. That means, in addition to never attracting and trapping bugs or germs that it doesn’t smell. Ever.

Now, there are many great things I can say about this bed, and I can’t really get to all of them in one review. However, I do want to mention that this bed is ideal for summer nights in the desert or winter days in the mountains. The material insulates naturally, and if you check out the FlexGel website, you can take a look at the studies they’ve done and view how the heat and cold are dispersed.

In all, I highly recommend this bed for any of your pets, whether they have problems or not. With it’s anti-microbial material, natural insulation, and weight-dispersing form, your pets will thank you sooner rather than later!

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