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The 10 Strangest Pet Products


Here at PetsWeekly, we get daily requests for products to be reviewed. We don’t accept all of them because let’s face it – who has the time to waste on silly things that are little more than marketing fads? Instead, we try to focus on the ones that we feel are worth the money. That means, they have to be high-quality, serve a purpose, fill a niche and are good for both you and your four-legged family members.

That said, it’s fun every once in a while to look back at some of the craziest pet products on the market today. Here are a few of the stranger products we’ve seen.

10. Goldfish Walker

Finally, someone has come up with a way to beat the dangers of goldfish boredom. According to the APDLA, “Over 25 goldfish a year drown themselves as a result of boredom.” (Not really, just relax everyone!). But, I’m sure if you’re a fish then swimming around in circles all day can be a big problem. Mick Madden came up with a solution to this common problem by creating the “goldfish walker.” Now you can keep your fish entertained with daily walks.

I guess if you’re going to walk your goldfish, this is the way to do it!

9. Dog poop catcher

For the truly lazy pet owner. Strap this contraption onto your pup and you will never scoop poop again in your life.

I’m not sure there’s much more to say here… Except – if you want to see a video of it in action, click through to the link above. We didn’t watch it, but we’re sure it’s brilliant.


8. Drink No More

This handy product missed it’s calling, because I think this product would be better in a home shared with men. While I have the Alpha Male trained, I often find myself reminding the Pup to put the seat down. This little device makes sure they do. It even has an alarm that sounds off when the toilet lid is up as well as a warning when a pet (or person) approaches the bowl.

Not sure how effective it is in keeping pets from drinking nasty toilet water, but I know a few Alpha Females who could sure use it to train their boys to keep the lid down!

You can pick one up from Solutions for $24.95.

7. Super Pet Critter Cruiser for Small Animals

At $12.99, the Critter Cruiser is a bargain. After all, you never know when your critter will want to accompany you on a walk, or on a run to the grocery store. It’s made of high-impact plastic so your pet is always safe while he’s on the go. The adjustable comfort wheel works three different ways. In the top position, the critter cruiser remains stationary. But adjust to the middle position and the games will begin! Your critter will be able to turn the wheel and roll along any flat surface. Leave the wheel in the lowest position and your critter can coast in style along the Super Pets Hamtrac. (Yeah, I said it…)
Critter cruisers are available in four fun colors.

If you really want to spoil your little critters, check out this Super Pet Dazzle Hamster Exercise Carriage – fit for the more elite hamsters and gerbils!

6. My Pet Speaker

If you have pets that flee the room whenever you play the radio, it could be due to the music you listen too, or it could be due to the very low or very high frequencies they hear (which we can’t hear). My Pet Speaker is designed to eliminate this problem. It reduces the high and low frequencies that we can’t hear making the music easier for your pet to stomach.

You can purchase a set at Amazon for $149.98. Or you can change the station…

5. Dog Pedometer

For the more anal-retentive pet owner who is carefully monitoring their pet’s exhaustive workout schedule, we present to you the doggy pedometer. This handy contraption will measure every step your pet takes in order to really maximize a daily workout. We agree that it’s important your pet stay in shape, but this is a little too detailed even for us.

The good thing? It also acts as a doggy identifier and as far as we’re concerned, you can’t have too much doggy ID. Just place it around your pet’s neck and if your dog “runs away,” you’ll be assured you can add that distance into his daily workout. Maybe whoever finds him will give you a call.

4 Custom Dog Hair Bikini, Cell Phone Cover or Sweater

If your pet sheds as much as ours do, this is actually a pretty good idea. VIP Fibers will create just about any type of product for you. These range from cell phone holders and even a pet-hair bikini () that I’m sure is the height of fashion. And yes, you can order a doggy sweater. We’re all about recycling but this seems a bit extreme.

It’s easy to do, though. Just brush your pet, send VIP Fibers the hair, and choose your product.

Seems a bit strange to have your dog wear itself when it’s cold, but we’re open-minded. Better hope your dog is as well.

3. Doggy Java and Biscotti

Doggy Java is just what it sounds like – coffee for dogs. It comes in a coffee bag and is the “first veterinarian-approved, all natural, liquid vitamin drink treat for dogs.”

First, we want to know which vet approved this and if you’re supposed to serve it hot (please don’t serve it hot). Otherwise, it seems like it’s just a beef-flavored power drink. (Apparently, the company figured this out because the site now leads to a porn site, so please don’t try to click through to that site.)

2. Oxygen hood
We know our canine companions like to walk and run and go for a ride in the car but how many of us would consider taking to the skies with our dog? If you’re a dog owner who likes to get airborne with your furry friend you might find that the Supplemental Oxygen Supply Hood is a handy piece of equipment to have on board. It’s an air system for dogs traveling at altitudes of 8,000 feet and above, and it’s currently on display at Oshkosh 2010

1 Dog Beer and Happy Tail Ale

It appears that everything is going to the dogs, including our beer. Unlike our own alcoholic beverages, these beers are non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and contain only the best malted barley. The Happy Tail Ale also contains Glucosamine and Vitamin E. Did I mention they are also beef-flavored?

I wonder if they’ll card the cat when she tries to buy it?

BONUS: Puppy Tweets

Mattel has come out with Puppy Tweets, a new gadget that lets your pet send you over 500 pre-loaded phrases. For example, when your pet barks, you’ll get a message saying “I bark because I miss you. There I said it. Now hurry home.”

Personally, I don’t need my dog throwing guilt at me during the day, but it is kind of an interesting product. I’m not sure how many followers you would pick up or how many would care about what your dog says, but we know a few cats who have some amazing blogs. (I personally know that cats are incapable of speaking in 140 characters or less).

If they come out with an automatic blog writer for the Cog, we’re in…

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