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The New Spinz Interactive Chew Toy


The Global Pet Expo hasn’t started yet, but we’ve got a sneak peek at some of the great products that will be unveiled.

Precision Pets has consistently led the pack with their innovative, high-quality products. Now, after two years of research and testing, they are introducing the first interactive, fully edible pet chew. It’s called the Spinz interactive chew-toy for dogs and we know you’re going to love it as much as your pet does.

If your pets are into chewing as much as ours, you’re really going to appreciate this product. The toy was created using all natural ingredients that exceed FDA guidelines. And it not only promotes great dental hygiene, it keeps your pet busy and entertained for hours. It’s completely edible and really just offers your pet something they can really dig their teeth into.

Spinz chew toys are gluten- and wheat-free and they contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat. On top of that, they are easily digestible.

This is really where dog toys are headed this year. The surfaces of the toy are specially designed to be appealing to dogs with their unique shapes, giving hours of chew time to even the most destructive of pets. The large knuckles on each end make it easy for larger dogs to cart around, and the smaller middle sections allow puppies and smaller breeds an easier time of it. As an added bonus, Spinz uses fresh parsley to ensure the freshest breath for your pet.

Most importantly, the unique shape allows the chew toy to spin while your pet gnaws on the bone, and creating motion is one thing that helps stimulates interest, which as we all know, is very important in caring for any canine.

They aren’t available to the public quite yet, bu tin a few days, you can purchase Spinz online or at your favorite pet boutique. Check back here for details!



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