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The True Wolves of “True Blood”


Wolves are getting all the choice parts in HBO’s series, True Blood. Earning $500 per day, the actor wolves get to put their pack on display as Bon Temp’s newest additions to their preternatural world.

“In our world, werewolves are shifters who turn into wolves. They don’t turn into giant wolves the size of minivans. They don’t turn into human-looking wolves,” says “True Blood” creator Alan Ball.

For this reason, the producers chose to use real wolves as stand-in’s for their crew. And real wolves they have found. The actors all receive special training to learn how to interact (or not interact) with the pack and each wolf comes complete with a pack – according to trainers, it helps to make them feel a little more comfortable in their roles.

“Perfume and cologne disturb the wolves and are forbidden on the set. Food must be cleared from the immediate premises as per rules provided by the American Humane Association’s Film & TV Unit.” (Wall Street Journal, 2010)

Wolves are normally skittish, so they arrive on set a few days early, giving them plenty of time to investigate and explore before the scene. They consume 3-4 pounds of red meat daily and spend time in air-conditioned trailers where they can receive the rest every wolf requires. 


According to the article, both Joe and actress Brit Morgan, who we’ll see as werewolf Debbie Pelt, had some close calls.  Joe was eating turkey during a break when he was yelled at.  “Are you out of your mind?  The wolves are coming.”  He made a mad dash off the sound stage.


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