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Join the “Majority Project” to Help Dispel Breed Myths


Breed discrimination has been happening for years. First to the German Shepherd breed, then to the Rottie, then the Dobermans, and now the Pit Bull. This year, Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) began The Majority Project to change the perception of pit bull owners and to fight against breed-specific legislation (BSL). As much as I hate taking a photograph, I despise BSL more, and that’s why I decided to join in on this project. You’re all invited to join us and I hope you’ll participate!

The goal of The Majority Project is to change perceptions. Pit bull owners are not all drug dealers, gang members or fighters. Sure, those types of owners exist, and yes – they do a lot of damage to the breed, but the MAJORITY of pit bull owners are responsible, contributing members of society. We have jobs, families, and friends. We are no different than the owner of a small breed dog. Or a hunting dog. Or a lap dog. (In fact, most of our pits are lap dogs – they just weigh a little more.)

We invite you to join us on this project – here’s how you can participate…

In an effort to challenge the negative stereotypes about “pit bull” dog owners, the non-profit organization, Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) created The Majority Project, a photo collection illustrating the countless “pit bull” dog owners that are no different than other dog owners; making valuable contributions to their families and communities every day.

Jon Bernthal (remember Shane from The Walking Dead?) is lending his voice to this important project. As a father, husband and pit bull owner, he knows the importance of keeping family intact. These are his two pitbulls, Boss and Venice.

Jon Bernthal with his family.


[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Learn About BSL Communities[/heading]

You may not even know if your community is a BSL community until something terrible happens or a neighbor decides they don’t like the looks of your dogs. Breed Specific Legilation tears dogs away from their homes and destroys families. The only proof a community needs to rip your dog away from you in a BSL community is a photo. If your dog resembles a pit bull (even if they are boxers or Labradors or anything else that might be mixed), you could lose your pet. It just takes one bad neighbor, one phone call, one report – to lose your family member. Please make sure you check the Animal Farm Foundation map of BSL communities before moving to a new residence – we don’t want any of our members winding up with a nasty surprise.

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) causes discrimination against dog owners based on their dog’s appearance and doesn’t make communities safer. Though states and municipalities nationwide have begun to abolish such laws, BSL is still enforced in some communities, including those outlined in AFF’s Breed Specific Legislation Map. Despite the stereotypes placed on them, the overwhelming majority of “pit bull” dog owners love and care for their pets in a responsible manner, including proper maintenance, control and containment of their dogs. By treating all dogs as individuals and empowering pet owners to be responsible, we create communities that are safe and humane.

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Participate in The MAJORITY Project[/heading]

Visit The Majority Project and print out an “I am the MAJORITY” sign to submit along with a picture of you and your dog. This photo collection will help fight owner stereotypes and bring to light the MAJORITY of pit bull owners are responsible, well-adjusted people who live out their lives as normal members of society. The life you save may just be that of your own pet.

1. Download and print this 8.5 x11 (standard printer paper size) POSTER

2. In the blank spot, fill in a word that describes your valued role in your community or in your family. For example: I am a Mother, Student, Bus Driver, Business Owner, Tax Payer, Husband, Volunteer, Teacher, Voter, Coach, Homeowner, Grandma, Mentor, etc.

3. Be sure to write clearly – use a fat marker – and keep it simple. The point is to remind others that you make a positive contribution at home or in the world.

3. Gather up your family dogs, hold up the poster, and have your photo taken. If there are multiple people in your photo – such as other family members – have each individual hold up their own, personalized poster.

4. Submit your photo here.

That’s it! They may choose to use your photo in an upcoming public service announcement that will air nationally. We hope they choose one of our readers for this important project!

Remember, even if you don’t like pit bulls, you should advocate for them in order to remove BSL from the dockets. You never know if your dog might be next. Don’t believe me? Check out this poster of dog breeds that have been mistaken for pit-bulls and removed from families with BSL in place. Terrifying… (Click the photo to be taken to a full size image)

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