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Pet Beds Made of Recycled Materials are the Cat’s Meow


Environmentally responsible pet products are the wave of the future and it’s no wonder – animal people seem to understand and appreciate the importance of recycling, whether it’s through the use of cat litter boxes that washes and reuses litter, recyclable toys and pet supplies, or creating dog parks – pet people seem to have it under control.

Now Worldwise, Inc.has teamed with Walmart and Sam’s Club  to incorporate a variety of Walmart recyclable materials into its best-selling PoochPlanet® and SmartyKat® products. And with the number of pet sales that will be created through this partnership, Worldwise estimates that in the next year, Worldwise will keep the equivalent of over 100,000,000 16.9 oz. plastic bottles out of landfills. This includes the equivalent of approximately 25,000,000 16.9 oz bottles provided by Walmart and Sam’s Clubs.

 “These products are not only great for pets and pet parents, but they’re better for our planet as well,” said Aaron Lamstein, Executive Chairman for Worldwise. “This partnership sets a new sustainability standard in the pet parent-retailer-manufacturer relationship.”

“Two of Walmart’s three guiding sustainability goals are to create zero waste and to sell products that sustain people and the environment,” said John Kunkel, Sr. Buyer, Pets at Walmart. “We are excited about the opportunity to offer customers these quality PoochPlanet and SmartyKat
products that also move us closer to achieving those goals.”

Worldwise has built a reputation as an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing and marketing. One example of this commitment is the use of recycled plastic bottles in its EcoRest® fiberfill used in PoochPlanet pet beds for the past ten years.

“Our PoochPlanet beds are stylish and look great in your home,” said Matt Turnbull, CEO of Worldwise. “The SmartyKat litter accessories bring a new standard in design, and our cat scratchers are simply the most effective available at any price.”

Worldwise is converting recycled Walmart water and soda bottles into PoochPlanet pet beds, hangers into SmartyKat litter pans and scoops, bags into SmartyKat drawstring litter liners, and cardboard into SmartyKat cat scratchers.

The nine PoochPlanet and SmartyKat pet products on sale in October at Walmart stores are labeled with the brand’s EcoAdvantages® logo as well as the Full Circle™ insignia for easy consumer identification. The products that Sam’s Club and Walmart will be carrying include:

PoochPlanet Dog Beds:
The PoochPlanet 27”x36” Pet Bed, 29”x36” Pet Bed, 32”x42” Pet Bed, and 40”x50” all contain recycled Walmart plastic bottles or other environmentally preferable materials. All PoochPlanet pet beds are filled with EcoRest recycled fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles.

SmartyKat Cat Scratchers:
The SmartyKat ScratchPod® contains recycled Walmart hangers in the base and recycled Walmart cardboard in the honeycomb scratcher.
The ScratchPod® Refill contains recycled Walmart cardboard.

SmartyKat Litter Accessories:
The SmartyKat LitterLoo™ litter box contains recycled Walmart plastic hangers.
The SmartyKat WasteNot™ drawstring liners contain recycled Walmart plastic bags.
The SmartyKat LooLadle™ contains recycled Walmart plastic hangers.



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