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Catio Furniture for Outdoor Enclosures


Outdoor enclosures are the new rage amongst cat lovers but if you’re like us, you’ve had problems finding cat furniture that will hold up to the outdoors. Our standards are pretty exacting: It has to hold up well in all types of weather from freezing snowstorms to hail to temps exceeding 110 degrees. It has to not crack, fall apart or require frequent cleaning. We also needed materials that would not “heat up” during the summer (that eliminates any type of metal or steel).

Yet, we needed it to be strong enough to hold up to more than one cat. It has to look good. And most importantly, the cats have to love it. Not just like it – LOVE IT.

Well, we went on a search and found a line of outdoor cat furniture that meets our exacting qualities. Feline Furniture came through for us.

Feline Furniture’s line of Catio Furniture is made of lodge pole pine, heavy-duty beams that are easily built and secured into a stylish outdoor version of cat furniture that our felines love! The best thing? You can pretty much arrange the furniture in any way you like.

We have gone through a lot of furniture in our search for the best. We found all that and more. And yes… the cats do love it – see for yourself!

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And, here’s a video where you can see the furniture in full use.

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw9H0Hjedeg “]

Order your set of Catio Furniture today. We know you’ll find the price to be a bargain for your Pride, no matter what the size!

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