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50′ Cat Enclosure is the Cat’s Meow

cat enclosure

Catios and cat enclosures are the new norm for many cat owners. We’re taking a look at some of the latest and greatest, and this newest enclosure from Australia features birds eye views of the neighborhood and 50 feet of climbing, running, and stalking room.

50′ Foot Cat Enclosure from Down Under

In Melbourne, Cliff Zammit has created the ultimate enclosure for three of his favorite felines.

A little ingenuity and creative thinking goes a long way in this beautiful cat enclosure and we’re sure his cats appreciate the effort.

“I designed and build this to provide a practical large space which in reality would have never been used. I believe I have achieved what i was aiming for,” said Zammit. “A safe large area which has practical use for our beloved pets, a responsibility to ensure our cats now will not be injured from other stray cats, cars on roads and poisons used in peoples yards. Most importantly to protect native wildlife in our environment.”

The 50-foot cat enclosure features a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood, ground-level tunnels, handmade scratching posts, and outdoor sleeping dug outs – complete with a cat door to access indoors when it rains.

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To ensure his cats are living in a safe, secure environment, Cliff Zammit has designed an area where his rescue cats will not be injured by cars on roads, accidental poisoning or any of the predators that roam the area.

“My neighbors are cat lovers and are very supportive to ensure our cats are now living in a safe secure environment.”

“I would recommend pet enclosures for your cats, it will provide protection, and a healthy balance for your cats daily demands both physically and socially like bird watching and some simple sunshine.”

How do his cats feel about it?

“They love it!” Zammit said.

See a slideshow of the entire enclosure below:

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