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Keeping Your Cat Calm & Content in the New Year

Keeping Cats Calm

New routines, unfamiliar guests, and the lingering echoes of fireworks can send even the most laid-back kitty into a tizzy. Fear not, friends! This year, we’re bringing lots of tips and tricks that help with keeping your cat calm. With a few feline changes in how you navigate their world, you can help your feline friend navigate any transition with grace and serenity.

Maybe you added a new cat that isn’t getting along with your existing cats. That’s okay. We’ve already tackled the topic of your cats battling one another. But, what if your cat just generally doesn’t seem to be happy? You know what I mean. They may be sulking, hiding, glaring at you when you come in, avoiding pets and grooming (or worse, avoiding you so they can avoid the medication you have to give them).

There is a solution for every behavioral issue and we’re here to get you started on the right foot.

Create a Cat Sanctuary

No matter where you live, or what your cat’s situation is, they all need a private place where they can escape the stresses of the world. This is true for feral cats as well as housecats. If you don’t provide one for them, they will likely find their own and you may never locate it. One way to give them their own space is to build an outdoor enclosure that attaches to the house via a cat door. We’ve discussed options like these in detail prior to today, so do search our site for “cat enclosure” if you’re in need of ideas.

Add some climbing walls and plenty of spots to hide and watch birds. Your cats will adore you for this space of their own!

Keeping Cats Calm

Cozy Cat Castles

Provide plenty of safe havens throughout your home. Always ensure your feline friend feels a sense of security and refuge from the hustle and bustle. There are many ways to go about this, and we have included links to learn how to build your own if you’re on a tight budget (like us).

  • Cardboard boxes: Any box will work, but plan on putting it in an area where they can make a mess. Cardboard deconstruction happens to be an art form for most felines!
  • Cat caves: These handy cat caves are just one of our favorites!
  • Elevated perches: Some cats prefer to keep their paws on the ground. But if you have a dog, another pet, or kids, it’s important to give your cat some elevation. Putting it near a window willl provide your cat their preferred form of entertainment! We have pretty large cats (including a Maine coon) and this cat perch has held up marvelously for over a year! We have it attached to our windowed office door and it has seen a lot of use. The bed cover is machine-washable and we love that it always stays in place.
Keeping Cats Calm

Vertical Adventures

Channel your inner cat architect and create a vertical playground with cat shelves, climbing towers, and scratching posts. This not only satisfies their natural instinct to climb but also provides much-needed exercise and mental stimulation. There are many ways you can utilize a wall for a climbing structure, but here are some premade platforms if you’re not up for the creative wall quite yet.

  • Cat Bridges: Bridge the gap for your cats with these fun walking bridges!
  • Cat Shelves: Shelving can be simple or complex, but no matter which one you select, you should keep it safe.
  • Climbing Towers:
  • Scratching Posts:
Keeping Cats Calm

Create a Sensory Oasis

Let the soothing power of scent work its magic. Invest in cat-safe diffusers with calming pheromones or sprinkle catnip onto toys and scratching posts. The familiar scent will ease anxiety and encourage relaxation.

If your cat does nto respond to catnip the way you’ve seen other cats respond, don’t worry, it’s not uncommon. There are plenty of other natural options. Here are the top 5 Alternatives to Catnip for cats that don’t normally respond to catnip.

Keeping Cats Calm

Calming Rituals for Stressed Out Whiskers

  • Massage for a Purr-fect Mood: Dedicate time to gentle head and neck massages. The soothing touch works wonders in reducing stress and strengthening your bond.
  • Calming Music for Feline Ears: Create a playlist of relaxing music specifically designed for cats or play the one we’ve linked out to below on YouTube. Classical melodies and nature sounds can have a soothing effect on their nervous system. PetAcoustics is another way to soothe the savage beast through music.
  • Interactive Playtime: Schedule dedicated playtime sessions with interactive toys like wands or laser pointers. Chasing and pouncing releases energy, stimulates their hunting instincts, and fills their day with playful joy.
Keeping Cats Calm

Navigate Social Challenges

  • Meeting the New Crew: If you’re expecting guests, introduce them to your cat slowly and in a controlled environment. Let your cat approach at their own pace and offer treats to create positive associations.
  • Fireworks Fright: For the fireworks-averse feline, create a safe haven in a quiet, windowless room before the festivities begin. Stock it with their favorite toys, treats, and a comfy bed. Play calming music to drown out the sounds and offer reassuring company.
  • Routine Rescues: Stick to your kitty’s regular feeding and play schedules as much as possible. Consistency provides a sense of comfort and predictability, especially during times of change.
Natural Remedies for Cats

By understanding your cat’s unique needs and implementing these cat-friendly strategies, you can help them embrace the new year with confidence and inner peace. Remember, a calm and content cat means a happy and harmonious home for all.

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