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Fresh Start for Pets: Resolutions & Tips


Instead of the tired treadmill routine or yet another attempt at mastering sourdough, this year’s pet resolutions can extend to our furry family members too! We at PetsWeekly want to help you ditch the generic goals and set achievable, enriching pet resolutions that strengthen the bond with your four-legged friend.

1. Get Active & Fit Together

Ditch the dog park rut and explore new trails, join agility classes, or try indoor games like hide-and-seek. Bonus points for incorporating your own fitness regimen! Need some ideas? We’ve got a plethora to choose from in our Sports archive!

pet resolutions

2. Brain Games for Smarter Pups & Purrs

Teach your dog some new tricks! Challenge your pet’s intellect with interactive toys, food puzzles, or learning new tricks. Not only will you boost their cognitive skills, but you’ll also enjoy some hilarious training moments. Another benefit of helping your pets use smart toys and learn new games is that you’ll tire them out twice as quickly, making them easier to train and more willing to cooperate. Here are a few backyard enrichment activities that you can start with.

Nina Ottosson Brick Smart Toy

3. Nourish with Goodness

Swap out processed kibble for premium foods, dehydrated foods (we LOVE The Honest Kitchen), or homemade meals brimming with fresh ingredients. Your pet resolutions should definitely include a higher-quality diet for your pets! If you can’t afford the raw feeding or premium pet food, just try to ease into it by exploring healthier treat options. Consider some single protein treats to keep your pets on track. The benefits of this resolution include fewer veterinarian bills and a much happier, healthier pet.

4. Prioritize Mental Stimulation

Boredom can lead to destructive behaviors. Keep your pet engaged with scent work, food puzzles, and interactive toys. Rotate toys regularly to keep things fresh and exciting. For an extra benefit, teach your pets to clean up their own toys! It’s a fun way to teach them a new trick that saves you time and money.

Pet resolutions

5. Snuggle Time is Quality Time

Your pet resolution should always include upping the time you have dedicated cuddle sessions with your pet. Whether it’s a post-work unwind or a lazy weekend morning, physical touch strengthens the bond and reduces stress for both of you. If your dog isn’t big on cuddling, just sitting quietly next to them or reading aloud to them while they rest is just as good! Never attempt to force any of your pets to cuddle. Like people, some pets just don’t enjoy it.

pet resolutions

6. Grooming Goals for a Shiny New Year

Regular brushing not only keeps your pet looking sharp but also prevents matting and promotes skin health. Set a schedule and make grooming sessions a bonding experience with gentle massages and praise. You can also try diffusing some lavender essential oil to make them even calmer. Be sure to use an unadulterated essential oil that was made with organically grown materials.

7. Vet Visits: More Than Just Emergencies

Schedule your pet’s regular checkups and preventive care appointments. Early detection of any potential issues can save you heartache and expenses later. The most important appointments include senior pet screenings, teeth cleanings, vaccinations, and spay/neuter.

Pet resolutions

8. Adventure Awaits!

Break free from your usual routine and embark on new adventures with your pet. Explore dog-friendly cafes, hit the hiking trails, or plan a weekend getaway to a pet-friendly destination. But, before you hit the trail with your pets, be sure you read our Guide to Hiking Etiquette with Dogs.

9. Give Back, Share the Love

Volunteering at shelters or participating in fundraising events is a rewarding way to spend time with your pet and make a difference in the lives of other animals. Consider spending a few hours walking dogs that are stuck in kennels, or just reading aloud to them as you sit near their enclosures. That little act of calm can do wonders for shelter pets who are feeling stressed and disassociated.

10. Celebrate Every Tail Wag!

Don’t forget to savor the little moments that make pet ownership so special. Capture those goofy grins and playful antics; after all, these memories are what truly enrich our lives. We only have a decade or two with our pets before they have to move on. Make every moment count!

This year, let’s ditch the generic pet resolutions and set goals that strengthen the bond with our furry companions. Remember, happy pets, happy owners!


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