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Creating the Ultimate Cat Enclosure


Cat patios (catios) are all the rage this year, and with good reason. Cats need to be able to get outdoors and explore. It’s in their nature. They must be able to feel a breeze on their whiskers, sniff the newest scents surrounding their territory, climb tall trees, explore new surroundings and in essence; give them the opportunity to be a cat.

Joe and Shelley Delrocco, the founders of PetTreeHouses.com PetTreeHouses.com understand the true nature of cats and they have developed a tree house that dwarfs all others. Standing at nearly 20 feet tall, this tree now resides in the Oregonian home of Amber Stockdale.

Two stories tall, the enclosure is wrapped in a beautiful rod-iron fencing, leaving plenty of opportunity for the cats to experience the feeling of being outside, but not escape. We can’t imagine they would want to escape. With twenty feet of tree to explore and the protection of a home, this outdoor area allows them to see and experience the great outdoors without having to put their life at risk.

Amber Stockdale is the proud owner of this new architectural feat. Based in West Lynn, Oregon, new construction on the couple’s 7,500 square foot custom home was nearly complete when she opted to add a cat enclosure.

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“At first I wasn’t sure what I needed, and googling ‘catio’ and ‘enclosure’ didn’t seem to help,” Stockdale said. “But eventually, I ran across the trees by PetTreeHouses.com and when I contacted Joe, he took the idea and ran with it.”

Attached to the house through a cat door, this is the perfect opportunity for their four cats to explore and roam and climb, without being in danger from predators. They had just moved to property which borders a forested area and is rife with coyotes. “Our cats love to go outside and I thought an outdoor enclosure would help curb their tendency to roam.”

The Big Tree, as it has been dubbed by Joe and Shelley Delrocco, the owners of PetTreeHouses.com, is a stand-alone tree. Iron lattice encloses the giant catio that is also protected by a roof and accessible from two stories. Stockdale has four cats that range in age from 18 months to 11 years.

The Big Tree stands at just over 19 feet in height and contains 11 platforms and perches. PetTreeeHouses.com has taken the Guinness Book of World Record title for “World’s Tallest Cat Tree”.

The goal in building this magnificent structure is the hope that they will inspire others to think outside of the box when it comes to creating rooms or enclosures for their cats. Joe Delrocco said, “We want to show others what is possible…”

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