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Cool Cats: Le Bristol Paris Welcomes Cat Kleopatre to Hotel


If any cats have hit the kitty lotto, it’s Kleopatre and Fa-Raon, two elegant Birman cats who have been accepted as hotel cats, or “felines in residence” at Le Bristol Paris. Together they meander down luxurious corridors filled with artwork, nap in the hotel’s fragrant French gardens, and keep cat-loving visitors content at the concierge desk.

Kleopatre is Le Bristol Paris’ newest arrival and in honor or her joining the staff, she has been presented with a traditional bowtie personalized with her name in the traditional green letters and shaded fuscia colors of Bristol. Her cohort, Fa-Raon, received his matching bowtie on his third birthday last year. Other gifts heralding her arrival include a butterfly knot necklace with a purrsonalized silver medal made designed by Christofle.

The lives of these cats are extraordinary. In spring and summer, the duo are often found napping on the cool beige Italian Botticino marble flooring (imported from the province of Brescia, Italy) that covers the terrace of the 3-Michellin star gastro gastronomic restaurant, Epicure.

A day in the life of a hotel cat

hotel catsMost days, they can be found strolling through azaleas and rhododendrons in the 13,000 square foot French gardens, or lounging near the cherubs of the “Fontaine aux amours” fountain, keeping a watchful eye on guests who dine on the terrace.

In winter, they will be able to lounge near the magnificent 19th century marble fireplace, providing a purrfect backdrop for photos.

On days the cats crave privacy, they retire to their custom apartment in the hotel, the walls of which were decorated by internationally renowned street artist Renk. He has covered the walls with various inscriptions of the word “Cat” in different languages.  and are adorned with various inscriptions of “cat” in a variety of languages. This world-renowned street artist will cover the walls with the word “cat”, written in different languages, as well as the names of these two adorable cats.

hotel cats

The feline duo are treasured by the staff, visitors and management of the hotel, and look upon the CEO of Bristol Paris, Didier Le Calvez with a particular fondness.


Designed by Goyard Maison, a renowned trunk-maker since 1853, the hotel now carries a range of accessories for pets that include customizable collars, leashes, and a unique “Hardy” cat bag.

hotel cats

Family values are a recurring theme in this luxury hotel. Symbolized by its coat of arms representing two unicorns standing up on their hind legs (we think the coat-of-arms should be two cats standing on their hind legs), Hotel Le Bristol takes pride in the fact that it has belonged to just two families since it opened in 1925: the French Jammet family followed in 1978 by the German Oetker family.

hotel cats

Hôtel Le Bristol opened in 1925 and is famous for its historic architecture and luxurious interior. The hotel is part of the Oetker Collection, Masterpiece Hotels which is owned by one of Europe’s richest families, the Oetkers founded by Rudolf August Oetker.
hotel cats
The pair joins the ranks of other famous felines in residence at luxurious hotels, including Alder and Brook, Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats in Washington, and Matilda at the Algonquin in New York.

hotel cats

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