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Meet Alder and Brook, Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats


If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed getaway in a luxurious mountain paradise – Alderbrook Resort and Spa should be your first choice. And if you’re an animal lover (and I’m guessing everyone reading this article is), there are two more reasons to check in – Alder and Brook – the resort’s famous lobby cats.

As the official lobby cats, Alder and Brook take their jobs very seriously. They patiently greet visitors in the lobby at check-in and offer your first glimpse at the relaxing, luxurious stay you will be experiencing during your stay.

The famous felines spend most of the day lounging around a massive two-way fireplace that perfectly frames the Olympic Mountains rising over the Hood Canal in the distance. I can’t imagine a more fortunate set of cats!

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats

As guests at Alderbrook Resort this summer, we frequently located the elder cat Brook, a beautiful white manx with one blue and one brown eye, curled up on her favorite chair. Alder, the newest addition to the hotel, tends to spend her day playing with guests as she escorts them to their rooms or acts as tour guide of the property. Both are rescues, both are Manx mixes, and both are as charming as the resort staff.

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby CatsWhile Brook is content to spend her days lounging, Alder is more adventurous and it didn’t take her long to realize that we had the pet-friendly party room. She entertained us by chasing tennis balls down the long hall for most of the day. Occasionally, she darts out the doors despite warnings from staff who do their best to keep him inside at all times. But she never strays off property and always manages to make it back to his place in the lobby.

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby CatsOf course, there is no logical reason why Alder would ever want to leave.  The resort is a beautiful place for any type of activity. From swimming, crabbing, fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking or golfing – Alderbrook has some of the best accommodations in the state. In the event you’re not familiar with the location, the Hood Canal is a natural glacier-carved fjord more than 60 miles long. It forms the westernmost waterway and margin of the Puget Sound basin – one of the most diverse and picturesque waterways in the world.

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats

First established in 1913 and recently renovated just a few years ago, Alderbrook boasts 77 luxury guest rooms and 14 cozy cottages – perfect for the family on vacation or the newlywed couples on honeymoon.Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats

Each room is beautifully designed, affords amazing views, and are complete with historical photos of the resorts past guests from as early as 1914 that act as a trip through time. Yet, besides the cats, breathtaking views, and luxurious accommodations – my most favorite feature of the room was the over-sized soaking tub. It’s an experience I think everyone should have at least once in their life.

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby CatsAlderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby CatsAlderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby CatsAlderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby CatsAfter your bath, enjoy the clean mountain air and pristine water. Stretch your legs each morning with an easy hike along their newly created network of hiking trails. I especially recommend watching an early morning sunrise over the peaks of the Olympic mountains. Then enjoy a relaxed walk back to your room through lush green forest as massive fir trees tower over your head making you feel almost insignificant.

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats

Alderbrook Resort and Spa is very pet-friendly, and we learned that the lobby cats are absolutely fine with this pet policy. But, if you happen to be traveling without your furry friend, it’s quite reassuring to know that both Alder and Brook are perfectly willing to act as your foster felines for the duration of your stay.

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby CatsAlderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats

We found Alderbrook Resort and Spa (and their two wonderful lobby cats) to be an amazing destination – one that we plan to return as often as possible.

Remember to book early as rooms fill quickly, and don’t plan on getting a room without a reservation. This luxurious resort is simply too picturesque not to plan ahead for anyway.

Alderbrook Resorts Famous Lobby Cats

Alderbrook Resort is pet friendly and welcomes you and your extended family. Here are their pet policies:

• A non-refundable pet fee of $30 per pet per night.
• Service Animals accompanying persons with disabilities are always accepted.
• Pet must be fully trained and appropriately restrained by guest.
• Pet owners agree not to leave their pet unattended at any time during their stay at the hotel.
• Pets must always be on a leash while they are in any public or common place within the hotel.
• Pets are not allowed in any food and beverage outlets, health club, and pool area of the hotel. This exclusion does not apply to guide dogs.
• Guests must contact the housekeeping department to arrange for a convenient time for servicing their room. Maid service will be provided only if the pet is removed from the room during the service.
• Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pet on hotel property and in the neighborhood.
• Any disturbances such as barking must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.
• Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet.
• Pet owner will be responsible for the repair of replacement of any items stained or damaged by their pets.

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