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We all know it’s not good to leave your cat home alone for any extended period of time, as there are simply too many things that can go wrong while you’re away. Some of these things include fire, flood, illness and far too many others to mention.  While having a pet-sitter come to the house is generally the best option, it may not be an option for you.

Most people associate cat boarding with a small, cramped cage at the veterinary office surrounded by stressed-out dogs. But, the times they are a’changing. Cat boarding is becoming a luxurious business. Today we’re taking a look at a few of the best feline boarding facilities across the nation.

Whether you’re leaving town for a day or a month, these are ten luxury cat resorts that will make sure your cats have their own vacation during your absence.



1. Best Little Cat House

California (Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena)

The Best Little Cat House specializes in luxury cat only boarding and grooming. Each of our three locations are unique and offer our feline guests the very best accommodations available in a relaxed and friendly environment. Let our caring staff of Cat Concierges pamper your cat while you’re away. We offer Cage Free Group Boarding as well as Private Accommodations for special needs kitties and cats whose owners do not want their cats to interact with other cats. Their special-themed rooms make each facility unique and their easy-to-access webcams mean you can log in and see how your cat is doing in real-time!


Burbank, CA             (818) 845-2287
Los Angeles, CA        (323) 954-2287
Pasadena, CA            (626) 356-2287

2.    A Country Cat House

Miami, FL         (305) 279-9770

A Country Cat House offers a complete range of feline services that include a quiet, peaceful, stress-free environment that is secure and spacious. Each condo is climate controlled to provide maximum comfort. To keep odor 100% controlled, the litter pans are exchanged as soon as they are soiled. You’ll never worry about your cat picking up bad habits in this luxury resort! If you’re vacationing during hurricane season, the good folks can show you their complete emergency evacuation plan for the cats that guarantee your cats will be safe in any emergency. They also offer pickup and delivery services so you don’t have to make a long drive, and they also provide professional grooming services.

You and your cat(s) can choose the perfect custom-designed one-, two- or three-level condo of your choice with a full window view of beautiful tropical gardens equipped with a fishpond, a cascading fountain, birdbaths & bird feeders. Our condos overlook the gardens which are home to thousands of garden inhabitants of every type of wildlife, including lizards, birds, butterflies, moths and millers, and frogs… all for your kitty’s viewing pleasure and entertainment.

3.    The Country Kitty B&B

The Country Kitty Bed and Breakfast is a home away from home with large rooms, plush beds, bird-watching and relaxing music. Visitors are welcome to stop by the “guest house.” Each room has been dedicated to one of the family’s cats and decorated to match their name and personality. A large window and seat for hours of bird watching and catnaps in the sun, cubbie holes for a late-night game of hide and seek, plush beds, cat chairs, and plenty of toys for feline fun. Each cat receives private litter boxes, shiny new bowls and there is always plenty of refreshing food and water.

Large rooms enable you to board up to three cats from the same household comfortably in one room, making it perfect for multi-cat owner getaways. Fire alarms, smoke and heat detectors are located throughout the facility to ensure protection against any danger, and motion detectors keep the grounds safe from intruders. All security features are monitored on a 24-hr basis. A special HEPA filter makes sure your pets are breathing the best quality air and keeping other particulates away from them. In the event of a power failure, an emergency backup generator is fully functional, ensuring your cats are always safe and comfortable!

Queensbury, NY         (518) 792-6369

4.    Palm Meow

Palm Meow is a luxury cat resort set in the tropical foliage of Florida – guaranteed to make any cat purr with delight.  This facilitiy is focused on long-term care and boarding for cats, and even offers a cat retirement plan. The idea for our business came from our own life experience.

“As “cat people” for over twenty years we began to worry about what might happen to our cats if we could no longer care for them,” said David Congalton, owner of Palm-Meow. Friends, relatives and neighbors often do not want the burden of long term care of other people’s pets. The Pet Trust is part of estate planning for your pet in the event anything ever happens to you.

The owners have operated a premier cats only boarding and cat retirement facility located in sunny south Florida for the past two years. Services provided include medication administration, individualized playtime, specialized diets, daily brushing and lots of love and attention. We pride ourselves on offering individualized care for every cat that comes to Palm Meow, Inc.

5.    Cat Nap Inn

Sedro Woolley, WA     (360) 724-3513

Cat Nap Inn is located on six acres in a peaceful setting. Each floor-to-ceiling suite is surrounded by gardens filled with bird baths and feeders, ensuring plenty of entertainment while kitty visits. Accommodation rates include premier food, twice daily “love and play” sessions, extensive “mouse”-keeping services, and nightly turn-down service complete with a Snuggle Safe® bed warmer and bedtime snack. Double-entry doors ensure your cat’s safety. Suites each contain a glass front door with individual ventilation and HEPA air filtration systems, climate-control, and the owner – who is an American Red Cross Pet First aid instructor – resides on premises for extra security. The site contains it’s own independent power supply for extra protection.

The resort offers “extended napper” package that includes a cardboard scratch pad, two Pamper Me sessions throughout the week and many specialized services. An individualized bird feeder will belong to guests in the Grand, Gone Fishing, or Window Suites; and Story and Tea Time on Saturday afternoons for guests staying in the Island Luxury Suites. Mrow!

6.    The Cat’s Cradle

Deerfield, NH         (603) 463-7698

The Cat’s Cradle has a cozy New England Inn feel that offers cats all the comforts of home, including a feather bed and the sweet smell of wildflowers from nearby Pawtuckaway State Park. Other Cat’s Cradle features include a cat monitoring system turned on in the evenings and fresh catnip grown in the garden. The unique double-entry door system ensures the complete safety of your cats at all times. Bird watching is a favorite past-time for satisfied felines, playtime with (or without) new friends, special mail service for really pampered felines, and plenty of other great activities, no cat will ever grow tired of being at this resort.

7.    Kitty Cat Condos

Portland, OR          (888) 250-4824

Kitty Cat Condos offers affordable cat-only, “cage-free” boarding for any length stay. Their spacious rooms are just like home, many of which are carpeted and furnished, allowing ample room to play or sneak in a cat nap before dinner,. A playroom is designed especially for kitties seeking out a luxury experience, and a TV-DVD-VCR and stereo equipment keep even the grumpiest of cats entertained.  From budget rooms to luxury suites, there is an option for any budget or level of care. The luxury suites can easily accommodate feline families of up to five high-activity cats. Guests are fed in stainless steel food and water dishes that are sanitized daily, and each condo contains a special storage container to keep your kitty’s food in – ensuring specialized diets are followed exactly! The facility also has a full kitchen facility to keep food and medications fresh.

8.    The Palms Pet Resort

San Antonio, Texas     (210) 695-1166

The Palms Pet Resort is a veterinarian-owned, state-of-the-art facility in the heart of San Antonio and Texas Hill Country. Their large, multi-level luxury suites offer individual ventilation and a “birds-eye” view of the 240-gallon tropical aquarium. Their highly qualified staff ensures your pets receive the best care possible with daily housekeeping, nutritious meals, and lots of personal care. Special needs are easily accommodated including food from home, medications, supplements, special meal preparation, daily brushing and much more.

9.    Captain Kitts

Clinton, CT         (860) 669-6369

Captain Kitts is a luxury cat resort your cat is sure to love. Large aquariums and a giant parakeet habitat provide plenty of entertainment and daily playtime outside of the enclosure offers lots of one-on-one interaction. Happy hour includes real shrimp or cod snacks, and bedtime follows with a snuggle-safe bed warmer and Catnip Nightcap. Cats will fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean or rainforest. Nestled behind a white picket fence, their facility boasts an easy appeal for even th emost finicky of felines. The Captain’s Quarters affords an unobstructed view of both the fish tank and window bird feeders for plenty of interaction. An Ozium Air Sanitizer ensures a clean, healthy environment and portholes with mesh wire offer plenty of ventilation and fresh air.

10. Wescott Acres

Columbia, SC   (803) 407-4708

Wescott Acres is a true country resort in the city. Located on 8 acres in Columbia, SC, our “Country Resort in the City” is just outside the heart of Irmo with rolling pastures, a pond, plenty of large century-old oak and pecan trees, and lots of wooded walking trails for pets, people and horses. Soft, relaxing instrumental music with nature sounds, complete climate-controlled environment, spacious rooms, skylights and large windows for sunshine, and fountains with plants throughout our resort.

Their large, sunny room has a full glass wall so cats can safely watch the small dogs exercise in the Cottage Play Yard. Whether your cats prefer a private apartment or to free-roam in the open room with apartment doors open, there are no cages in this luxury resort. Their behavior specialists keep a close eye on the cats body language so they can keep your cat emotionally happy and mentally stimulated while you’re on vacation. This is a great solution for multi-cat parents who want to travel but prefer their little ones stay together.

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