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Is it Too Hot For Spot?


It’s summertime here in the den of the pack leader. With desert temperatures soaring well into the hundreds, it’s become our very important mission to educate others on the dangers of keeping pets in hot cars and walking them over hot pavement.

This time of year, the streets are like liquid hot magma and we hate to see any animal burn their paws. But, it happens every day. Whether it’s walking out in the late afternoon to grab the mail, or heading across pavement into the store, it’s too hot for Spot to be walking around out there!

More importantly, it’s FAR too hot to leave a pet in a car for any length of time. This is a given in the deserts of the Southwest, but in the Pacific Northwest or Eastern area of our great country, it may not be so obvious. That’s where this week’s featured product, Too Hot for Spot? Pet Thermometer , comes into play.

This handy pet thermometer fits nicely in  your car window for a super easy way to educate others on how hot the cars really are this time of year. It doesn’t quite reach our soaring temps, but for any other area of the country, this is a must-have for pet owners.

In the Car: Leaving an animal in the car is one of the most common causes of heatstroke. On a mild 70-degree day, a closed car can heat up to 120° in a matter of minutes. Cracking the windows or parking in the shade may not significantly reduce the car’s temperature.

In the Home: Dogs can also suffer heat exposure at home. On a warm day, a concrete run can heat up quickly. Yards that lack shade, or block fencing that intercepts breezes, can make a dog’s environment unbearable. Hot pavement can result in very severe burns. 

On Vacation: Vacations pose extra risks for dogs. Since we are all in a new environment, we may not be familiar with how very hot our environment can become. It’s super important to familiarize yourself and your pet with the heat.

Too Hot for Spot? Pet Thermometer is a perfect way to educate yourself and others on the dangers of heat in the summer and spring months (or in the winter, if you’re in a climate near the Southwest). Order yours as a gift for a friend, an addition to your own vehicle, or to raise funds for the rescues you care most about. At only $14.95, it’s a great bargain!

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