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The K9 Pet Shower for On-The-Go Paw Rinses


We just received a very unique product designed specifically for traveling with pets who enjoy getting muddy. Like all the unique dog products we receive, it was something that was both unexpected and amazingly helpful. It’s called the K9 Shower and it’s essentially a “dog shower for on-the-go pets.”

The K9 Shower holds 2.2 gallons of water. The premise is ridiculously simple: Fill the tank with warm water (and it disperses the water enough to remain lightweight) before you leave the house. The insulated tank keeps the water just warm enough to make it a very enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

Paw Rinses On The Go
Head on out to your favorite dog park, dock dive, agility meet, or camping spot and let your dog romp to his heart’s content.

When it’s time to return home, just place the tank on your car window (yes, it scared us too, but don’t worry – no breakage), unwrap the 6-foot hose, slide the shower head into the “on” position and the water will flow on its own. It’s a surprisingly strong flow and lets you rinse off dirty paws or even give your pet a full bath, before you put them into your clean car.

This is a paw-some product for any pets who travel in the car – whether it’s for a quick jaunt to the dog park or a week-long adventure to the mountains.

The tank is watertight for easy transportation. You won’t have to worry about leaks, water damage or problems with dogs chewing through hoses while en route. It’s a very simple premise with a very successful result.

The tank holds enough water to wash a large dog and get all the shampoo out (if you’re careful). There is a healthy flow of water, enough to be able to point the shower head directly up (to clean chest/belly) and have water fountain up about eight inches.

But, it’s really designed for rinsing paws off – and that’s our favorite use so far. We can rinse all three of our furry friends off prior to putting htem into the new Toyota Sienna.


It also comes in handy to hang on the back porch on the way into your “mud room”. People can use it to rinse off their boots while they are rinsing off muddy paws. And with the rainy season here, and winter approaching, you’ll be very grateful for this handy item.

Cost and Value
It’s only $39.95 for the unit – that includes the complete set up with 6 feet of hose, a showerhead and insulated tank. We think its such a great price (and value) that you buy two – one to keep in your car and one to keep on your porch. See for yourself how easy it is to use with this handy video.

You can order your set from K9 Shower

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