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Blogpaws 2018: Pets, Products and People

2018 Blogpaws PetsWeekly Cover

We’re wrapping up three days of fun at the Tenth annual Blogpaws 2018 in beautiful (and thankfully very cool) Kansas City, MO. This year, Chewy.com and BlogPaws have partnered to host the conference in Kansas City, MO.

Thanks to Chewy®, we were able to attend this event and spend some time with some of the best pet-centric writers, bloggers, and photographers (as well as their celebrity pets) in the world.

I am a BlogPaws Conference Sponsored Blogger on behalf of Chewy.com. I am being compensated to help share information about the BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference and Chewy.com with my readers and fellow Influencers, Neither Chewy.com or BlogPaws are responsible for the content of this article.When possible, we use affiliate links in our posts. This helps allow us to continue bringing helpful articles to you. Thank you for using them to help keep this website alive.

First off – kudos to all who bring their pets to these events. It amazes me how great animals behave during Blogpaws and how much fun they have. It’s a lot of stress for pet parents, particularly those who are getting awards (and there were some great nominees this year!).

But, as always, dogs and cats played with one another, the playrooms were massive and gave both small and large dogs plenty of room to run and play. Everyone was very well-behaved and had lots of fun! Here are a few of our favorite memories:

Celebrity Pets at Blogpaws 2018

Just look at our Instagram or Facebook pages to see all the fun they had!

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Experiential Areas

This year, the focus was on experiential areas. What are experiential areas? Well, they are ways to show others how to set up specific areas of the home to be more pet-friendly. Personally, I think this is one of the more important thing we can teach others – how to help animals become part of our family.

While they did some fantastic things with the space, it can be difficult to replicate a living room in a large ballroom. But here’s a quick glance at some of the fun you can have in your home:


Make your patio into a joyful experience for your pets. Add plenty of areas to hang out in both the shade and the sun. Cats and dogs love enjoying the sights and sounds of family and wildlife all around them. Need tips on building a catio? Here are some fun and easy articles about doing exactly that!


If you need some new ways to integrate your office into a favorite hangout, we’ve got them! Learn about new devices to help extend your desk (for your helpful cat officemate), add some therapeutic value to your space with a specialty bed (for your helpful dog), and don’t forget to cover the cords (pets love to chew) and be sure to step up your chews game!


This may be a bone of contention for most (personally, we try to keep our cats and dogs out of the kitchen because it’s an area that can be dangerous).

But, we found Whisk & Wag while at Blogpaws and we love how they create perfect treats from a wholesome mix that you can bake in your own kitchen! This is one way we love including our pets in the kitchen area.


Living Room

This area is by far our most important family room. It’s where we lounge, watch TV, share photos, and be an integrated member of the family. Our pets love it too, but our furniture – not as much. So we are going to be profiling some fun new ways you can protect your furniture and still have your pets share it with you.

This includes a look at some of our favorite ClawGuard products!

So we are going to be devoting even more time to this in upcoming articles. The patio, office, living room, bedrooms, and even kitchens can be designed with animals in mind!

There is never enough time to see all of the things you can see at this event. The exhibit hall was full this year with some excellent new vendors and lots of companies who have been around for awhile.

Animal Health Alley

By far, our most favorite place was learning about new products in the Animal Health Alley! This special exhibit hall gave us lots of time to talk to sponsors and learn more about the new items we can expect to see in the coming months. We loved how open the space was and how we had lots of time to interact with these amazing groups.

Here are but a few we will be talking about (and giving away!) this summer:

Halo all natural whole food supplements for pets: We’re pretty excited about this new line of pet supplements and can’t wait to try them out. We will definitely be talking about these!


Humarian Probiotics for Pets: We’ve been talking about these guys and there’s a reason why – they have an incredible line of probiotics for humans and animals.

We started our dogs on this already and have seen a huge difference in their eating habits, especially with Brock. He’s known for not wanting to eat much in the mornings, and we’ve long suspected it’s because he wakes up with heartburn. We started him on the probiotics last week and already we’re seeing a dog who is more alert and much more interested in eating!

Gentle Friends Organics for Pets: This is a really nice line of organic, vegan remedies that are made with pure essential oils from a formulator who seems to know what she’s doing.

They range from all-natural pest control to ear remedies (which we took home this time as Bree has been fighting an ear infection this month). Check them out!

Gentle-friends organic pet care

Naturally organic shampoos and pet care products that are safe and effective for your pets.

Lenny Pads: Reusable potty pads? Yep – this is just one more way to help green our country and it’s even more important with the current administration (I’m not naming names).

One washable Lennypad replaces a minimum of 300 of disposable pads.

Need I say more?

Lenny Pads

Lenny Pads are reusable puppy pads for potty training pets – better for the environment!

Morris Animal Foundation:  Researching ways to improve our pet’s health is just as important as application. Morris Animal Foundation makes research possible thru funding and education and they need our help. They learn about animal diseases worldwide in species ranging from cats and dogs to horses and alpacas; amphibians and wildcats to anteaters and elephants.

Remember Me Thursday:  We’ve all lost pets. It’s heartbreaking and overwhelming. We like Remember Me Thursday® because it is a global awareness campaign uniting individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world as an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets to live in forever homes, not die waiting for them.

There is a lot more to talk about and we’ll be doing a lot of it this summer as we move through the newest and greatest pet products of the world. We especially want to give a big long happy howl to Chewy for getting us to the conference this year and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for BlogPaws! Be sure to visit Chewy on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the newest pet products at the best delivery times in the world.

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