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Traveling With pets

PetsWeekly Holiday Travel Checklist


You’ve probably seen our advice on traveling with your pets before, and if you haven’t, click here to read it all. There’s a ton of valuable advice in that series of articles, but we thought we’d bring it back down to the nuts and bolts of traveling with your pets for the holiday season. We’ve created a printable checklist to help you be sure you don’t forget to pack any of the essential items your pets might need while you’re away from home.

Click here to get your printable PetsWeekly Holiday Travel Checklist, and read on below about some items we think would be perfect to help fill out your pet’s travel bag.


Clothing: It’s important to keep in mind that if you pack something for yourself, you should pack a similar item for your pet. For instance, where you live may not be very cold during the winter, but it’s already snowed at Grandma’s house. Make sure to pack coats, sweaters, and maybe even a pair of booties for your pet. You might even want to consider getting a Thundershirt – a drug free solution to pet anxiety – if your dog tends to be of the anxious sort.

Toiletries: You’ve got all of your shampoo and deodorant ready to go, but have you packed anything for Fido to make sure he stays fresh as a daisy? There are a lot of grooming wipes and spritzes on the market that will make bath time on the road a snap!

Food and beverages: Bring plenty of water for you and pets, making sure you have a supply of dehydrated or freeze-dried foods in your car at all times. Collapsible bowls, pet meal kits, and a variety of snacks will make your life easier.

A handy tip from a PetsWeekly reader: “If you know you’re going to be gone for a while, start getting your pet’s tummy used to a national brand of bottled spring water beforehand by mixing the spring water in with their normal water. This way no matter where you are, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting the runs or other stomach problems from the water you give them.”

FYI for our PetsWeekly pack: When you go about getting the “food” section checked off of your list, we think you should consider getting some of the pet food products from  PeakWaggers or The Honest Kitchen. The meals are easy on the stomach in the event you have to quickly change your pets diet, are highly nutritious, and store well without taking a lot of room.

Entertainment: We’ve seen a couple of toy lines that have managed to appease our pack here at home, but buying a new toy for your pet to have on the trip is a fantastic idea to help ease boredom and anxiety. You can give it to them right as you’re hitting the road to start off on a positive note, or wait until you’ve been going for a while to help break up the trip.

Emergency/First Aid Kit: This is the most important item on your checklist. The great thing about this particular item is that you can get it packed up well in advance and pop it in the trunk. Click here for a good, solid, emergency kit as well as information on what you should have in your emergency kit. Make sure to bring along their vet records.

One final word about preparing your pets for travel – make sure they’re microchipped and have their tags on! In addition, if you’ve been thinking about getting the Tagg GPS tracking system but haven’t taken the plunge, now is the time. If your pet gets out of the car, hotel room, or your relative’s home, you’ll be seconds away from knowing their exact location.

We hope the  PetsWeekly Holiday Travel Checklist is a big help as you get everything ready for your trip. Have a great time, and please share your favorite holiday travel tips with other PetsWeekly readers below!

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