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Wag’N Pet Passport


Any parent of human children has experienced the “joys” of keeping track of their child’s birth certificate, immunization and health records.  If they want their children to go to daycare, public schools or get involved with a sports team, they need to have this information available.  There are a number of products on the market to help parents organize and keep all of these details handy in one place.

For the pet owner, keeping the same sort of records easily accessible can be just as much of a chore.  The Wag’N Pet Passport is what every dog owner needs to keep everything close at hand and to avoid the frustration of trying to hunt down all the details of their pet’s medical history when the need arises.

Let’s say you’re traveling with your dog to a relative’s house 500 miles away from your local vet and your dog has a seizure for the first time in years.  You get into a vet’s office and they say they need to see records of previous seizure history and the medications prescribed.  Which would be easier—getting your local vet to send the records or just whipping out your detailed Wag’N Pet Passport with not only your vet’s records of past medical care, but your detailed notes on seizure history?  The first could take hours, when the latter would take mere seconds.

You should have Wag’N Pet Passport for each dog in your family.  You fill out the first three pages and add a picture with your pet (get yourself in a picture with your dog—this makes it that much easier to prove that you own the dog in the event they get lost and end up in a shelter!) and have your veterinarian fill in all vaccinations to date.  After that, you’ll just need to bring it to each office visit so your vet can enter in vaccinations and medical records as you go along.

Priced at $10.95, the Wag’N Pet Passport is a steal because of the benefit it provides for the entire lifetime of your beloved pup.  It would also make a great gift for new puppy owners.  Wag’N will even ship the Passport to you for free, making a great deal even better!

Note: If you have cats or ferrets, they have a version of the Wag’n Pet Passport for them, too!

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