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The Buddy Bowl


Have you ever had a dog who thought their water dish was a toy?  No matter what you seemed to try, no matter what bowl you used, no matter how much you Velcroed it to the floor, they still managed to tip it over, spilling the water all over the place.  Maybe you’ve even tried some other “spill-proof” bowl, only to end up with the same results as before—you mopping up water again.

You need to try the Buddy Bowl.  I personally performed extensive testing on the Buddy Bowl to see for myself if the “spill-proof” claims were true.  I shook and dropped it every which way I could think of, and it never spilled more than a tiny splash or broke open.  The splash only happened when I tipped the Buddy Bowl completely upside down in a rapid motion, and I only used half of a paper towel to clean it up—no mopping!


This bowl is not only great for home use, but for travel as well.  Before the Buddy Bowl, having a bowl full of water in the car, uncovered, was just asking for a mess.  Now your dog can drink even while you’re en route to your destination, which may even mean less pit stops.

Made from a very durable (but not chew-proof!) molded polycarbonate plastic, the bowl has three parts: the base of the water bowl (which holds up to 64 oz. (1/2 gallon) of water), a funnel-shaped drinking chamber, and the lid.  The directions for opening the bowl tell you to put your hand in the opening, and then pull on the handle to open it.  I tried tugging at the handle on the lid without sticking my other hand in the hole, and it refused to budge.

The only possible drawback to the Buddy Bowl that we can see here at PetsWeekly is the size of the opening the dog drinks from.  It’s plenty big enough for smaller breeds to drink out of, but dogs with larger snouts, such as Boxers and Rottweilers, will find it difficult to drink out of the Buddy Bowl.  With that said, large breed owners can still use the bowl by having it pre-filled with water (that won’t spill out in transit) and removing the lid as needed so their dog can drink.

Buddy Bowls are available for $19.95 in hunter green or white, and are dishwasher safe.  Get a Buddy Bowl and you will never again find yourself wondering how the amount of water on the floor seems an eternity larger than the amount you originally poured in bowl.  Your back, aching from all the bending and mopping, will thank you!

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