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Dating Goes to the Dogs


Dating has gone to the dogs, but this may actually be a good thing. If you’re single and looking, not prone to spending your evenings in bars, we’ve found the ultimate meeting spot for you to meet a soul mate who loves their pets as much as you love yours!

PetsDating.com recently launched a new site where the people of pets can connect with other singles. Can you think of a more purr-fect way for animal lovers to meet up? Now you can meet a fellow dog or cat lover online and schedule a play date or walk in the park in real-time. But this site is more than just a meet and greet, it’s a supportive online community where pet caretakers can learn new things about their pets.  Members of the PetsDating.com site have access to relevant pet-related information, helpful resources, and an entire community of people who know pets.

Create a profile for both you and your pet, join groups that are centered on discussion about specific pet topics, and stay up-to-date on the latest pet news. PetsDating.com is more than just a matchmaking website.

Founders Irving Landesbaum and Robert Faynblut, from the NY area, created the site with their pets in mind. PetsDating.com recognizes that people build strong emotional bonds with their pets, often  treating them as members of the family. It is important to allow these furry loved ones to also create lasting relationships and friendships with other local animals. Therefore, PetsDating.com has created a strong and encouraging community where members and their pets can come together and find security in others who share similar values and interests.

If you’re a member of an adoption group, pet shelter or dog/cat-related organization, PetsDating.com can be a valuable resource for finding a new adoptive parent! Members can browse the adoptable pets section and find the purrfect match for their busy lifestyle. Adoption postings are even free. All you need to do is become a member, which is also free, and you’ll become a part of an entire society that supports animal rights, is active in animal rescue and introduces you to like-minded people who love animals.

In short, PetsDating.com is a unique online community for pet owners who want their pet to enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life in the company of another pet. Users can connect with other pets in their area, see what other pet lovers are talking about, and access valuable pet related resources. To create a profile or learn more, take a moment to visit www.PetsDating.com.

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