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Fighting Mosquitoes Naturally


There isn’t one single positive thing I can say about mosquitoes other than they make good bat food. Other than that, I literally can’t think of a single thing they are good for and I really don’t know why they were invented. There are over 3,500 forms of mosquitoes and they all suck (literally and figuratively).

Even scientists, who have been studying these pesky insects for years, say they “would rather they were wiped off the earth.” (Nature.com, 2006)

Until they are, we have to deal with them carrying horrible diseases like Malaria, dengue fever, Rift Valley Fever, and even yellow fever. We also have to worry about our pets and livestock being infected with heartworm and West Nile Virus.

So, besides keeping pets on a heartworm schedule, keeping them out of the way of fogging, and planting these Plants that Naturally Repel Fleas and Ticks, we have to protect our pets without exposing them or ourselves to toxic chemicals that are found in most “bug sprays.” Not an easy task, but we do have a few natural solutions you should check out.

1. Mosquitno Bands and Stickers

Mosquitno has created a simple, fun, and all-natural way for children and adults to stay mosquito-free without the use of sprays that can contain chemicals and leave residues on your skin and clothes. Now, before you head outdoors, just slip on a Mosquitno Wristbands , or strategically place a few stickers on your clothes near exposed areas of skin.

Mosquitno Bandz are all-natural, non-toxic wristbands made of silicone rubber and infused with 100% citronella oil. Each Mosquitno Band contains enough citronella to effectively repel bugs for up to 150 hours (or six days). Available in eight solid colors, camouflage, tie-dye and glow-in-the-dark in sizes for adults and children, each Mosquitno Band is comes in a resealable pouch to preserve effectiveness between uses.

These are bracelets and stickers that help you can place on your dog house, doggy door (to avoid tracking mosquitoes indoors), around vents and more.  (and especially your kids can wear) to keep mosquitoes at bay. The stickers are fun because kids can put them anywhere.

Mosquitno Bandz for kids and adults have an MSRP of $3.99 and a sheet of six Mosquitno Spotz have an MSRP of $3.99 as well. All Mosquitno products are nontoxic, chemical-free and DEET-free. Used Mosquitno Bandz can be mailed back to the company for recycling in return for two new, free Mosquitno Bandz (for every 10 returned). Mosquitno Bandz and Spotz are available at retailers nationwide or online at www.mosquitnoband.com.

2. BuzzGuard Natural Insect Repellent

Just like EarthHeart’s other all-natural products, Buzz Guard Natural Remedy Mist is easy to use – simply spray it onto your hands and rub it on your dog’s coat. It’s effective against all of the usual suspects: mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks and those oh-so-annoying “no-see-ums.” It’s made of all natural ingredients that are safe for your dog, so you don’t have to worry about them getting sick if they happen to lick themselves after you apply it. (Remember, cats and essential oils don’t get along, so please use Buzz Guard only on dogs. (Read this article for more information.) One thing that we especially like about Buzz Guard is that it sprays in a fine mist – making application much less messy – and it has a nice, mild smell that won’t upset your pets or impact their sense of smell.

The ingredients are a healthy combination of Water, polysorbate 20; neem seed oil; pure essential oils of citronella, fir, geranium; rosewood, basil and myrrh. As we mentioned above, it’s not recommended for use on cats due to their propensity in keeping themselves clean, but it works wonders on dogs, horses and humans (although it’s not technically approved for use in humans, we find it very effective for use on ourselves!)

Read our Buzz Guard Natural Insect Repellent review here

3. Mad About Organics

Mad About Organics products are also water-resistant for those of us with pets who feel the need to walk through or jump in and out of every body of water they can find within a two-mile radius. Normally I would carry a can of OFF! with me wherever I go, but this year, I relied solely on a natural approach and despite a record year for mosquitoes, was able to manage a summer with only a few bites. Since my pets and I are natural attractants to all things that bite, this was a month of pure bliss!

Another really incredible thing that we love about this company’s product line: Mad About Organics has developed their product for different species – including cats! Do you know how amazing that is? Trust me – it is… Since it is made from a combination of concentrated oils that have been diluted to a very specific level in order to ensure they don’t overpower either man or beast. This helps make it safe for everyone, as often as necessary, and special formulations are available for dogs and horses as well.

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4. Build a Bat House

Bats are good neighbors to have around. While most of us associate bats with vampire movies, the truth is that their role in many ecosystems is invaluable. When you look at all they do for the environment, they aren’t nearly as scary. Experts estimate that a single bat can eat between 600 – 1000 insects (including mosquitoes) within a period of an hour.  Besides eating mosquitoes, they help to disperse seeds and assist with pollination. A single brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in one hour, which makes them great at natural pest controller. You can help by providing bats with a nice bat house in your neighborhood. Learn more about the benefits of bats (and the dangers of bats carrying rabies) here.

There are many things you can do to decrease the number of mosquitoes you and your pets are exposed too on a daily basis, but nothing beats prevention and balancing out toxic remedies with all-natural remedies. Try to refrain from chemical pesticides and never use a commercial bug spray on or around your pets.

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