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Buzz Guard Natural Insect Repellent


We’ve all had experiences where we’ve been let down by natural insect “repellents.” I’d buy them, with my hopes high, just to have them dashed as mosquito after mosquito gnawed through the thin layer of protection and devoured the flesh of me and my pets anyway. Finding something that actually works and won’t cause any harm to my pets is a big deal – and I’m sure a lot of our PetsWeekly readers have had similar experiences. External parasites can often lead to internal parasites – and that’s why we were so very excited to discover EarthHeart’s newest product line called Buzz Guard. (And if you read on, we have a free offer to help you protect your animals.)

Just like EarthHeart’s other products (which we reviewed back in February), you spray it onto your hands and rub it on your dog’s coat. It’s effective against all of the usual suspects: mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks and those oh-so-annoying “no-see-ums.” It’s made of all natural ingredients that are safe for your dog, so you don’t have to worry about them getting sick if they happen to lick themselves after you apply it. (Remember, cats and essential oils don’t get along, so please use Buzz Guard only on dogs. ( Read this article for more information.)

One thing that we especially like about Buzz Guard is that it sprays in a fine mist – making application much less messy – and it has a nice, mild smell that won’t upset your pets or impact their sense of smell.

The ingredients are a healthy combination of Water, polysorbate 20; neem seed oil; pure essential oils of citronella, fir, geranium; rosewood, basil and myrrh. As we mentioned above, it’s not recommended for use on cats due to their propensity in keeping themselves clean, but it works wonders on dogs, horses and humans (although it’s not technically approved for use in humans, we find it very effective for use on ourselves!)

Finally, a natural bug spray that works – let us know how it works for you!

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