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InsectShield Protects Pets from Mosquitoes


Mosquito season has arrived and none are more unhappy about that fact that my pets. This year, we have extra weapons in our arsenal. The pet industry is exploding with ways that we can help our pets survive summer.

If you haven’t heard of Insect Shield® for Pets, you need to pay attention – particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors or live in an area where mosquitoes are prevalent.

InsectShield has been around for people for a few years now, and its been a great breakthrough for protecting people from insects. But now that they’ve reached the pet industry, we predict their popularity exploding with everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to those who just want their pets safe from bugs in the backyard.

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There are many ways to protect your pets from mosquitoes, some prefer to Fight Mosquitoes Naturally, and others choose to pursue the chemical path. We found a very happy medium with the line of products from InsectShield.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]How does it work?[/heading]

Insect Shield apparel puts insect repellent near your pet’s skin, instead of on it. Using a proprietary process that bonds a special formula of peremtherin (see more about this chemical below) tightly to fabric fibers, it creates an effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of apparel. Since it’s bonded to the fabric, you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on your pet (and even if it ever did, it would be safe). It is long lasting, laundry-safe, and no re-application is needed, which helps alleviate concerns about overuse and misuse of repellent.

The US Army treats all of it’s combat uniforms with permethrin (click here for a fact sheet on permethrin) insect protection to keep our troops safe.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]How durable is it?[/heading]

One of the things we worried about was its durability and how washing might impact its effectiveness. This product is EPA-registered to last through 70 launderings – which far exceeds its lifetime. We learned that due to its design, the bed (and other products we tested) are easily washed. In the case of the pet cot, simple remove the stand and toss the bedding into the laundry.

We found the pet cot to be very effective and a fast favorite with our cats while they are lounging in their indoor/outdoor enclosure. The cot is very lightweight (making it a favorite for taking along camping) and very comfortable for any pets. While we would recommend investing in the pillow or blanket (which is a bit sturdier for your larger dogs), the cot works very well for small dogs and cats.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]About Permethrin[/heading]

Permethrin is deemed very safe and has been protecting people since 1977. It is used in lice shampoos for children, flea dips for dogs, and many other products. While we prefer to have a natural solution to every problem, it’s sometimes not enough. This is a safe alternative and/or supplement for chemical or natural treatments.

The Collection

The Insect Shield® for Pets collection includes blankets, reversible beds, exercise pens, cots, cargo seat covers, premium tees, lightweight hoodies, safety vests, bandannas, and neck gaiters—all with built-in bug protection. We found that the blanket, tee-shirt, and cot were all very effective at protecting our pets against mosquitoes and flies. The bandanna also helped tremendously (but eventually my husband and I took custody of the bandanna for extra protection while working in the yard).

Prices range between $9.99 to $139.99 – depending on size and type.

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