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TTPM Moves into Pet Gear Reviews


If you’re the parent of a two-legged child, you’re no doubt already familiar with the TTPM site. TTPM is the #1 resource where consumers can research and find the best in toys, baby gear, pet toys, pet gear, kids electronics, & sporting goods. This helpful site not only uses “real people” to review new products, but allows you to compare pricing across stores.

Fortunately for animal lovers, TTPM is moving into the pet market to review dog and cat toys and gear. They offer more than just an average review, they also offer any potential warnings you should be aware of, discuss safety ratings, and much more.

With over 5,000 products (each with a video) reviewed each year, you can be sure they will have something your dog or cat will love! Remember, this is not a “every review is five-star site” – they are very honest in their reviews and you’ll find plenty of reasons why a specific toy may or may not be the best product for your pet.

An added bonus is that the site simultaneously allows you to price match while you browse by featuring product availability and costs of purchasing the toy through Amazon, buybuy Baby, BabiesRUs Walmart, ToysRUs, Target, Kmart, Kohls, Disney Store, Best Buy, PetSmart, Modell’s, Sports Authority, or Wag.com.

[note icon=”yes”]This post is brought to you by TTPM, but PetsWeekly only shares information that we feel will be of value to you. All opinions and statements are entirely our own.[/note]

For example, say you want to find a safe new toy that your cat will adore. Just navigate to the cat toy section and watch as the toy is reviewed by a TTPM editor.

We wanted to see what they had to say about the the reviews for SuperCat Plush gators from Quaker Pet Group. It’s a toy we love, so it’s nice to see what others say about it. Turns out, our review was right on track with what they had to say (and they even have a great video to back up their review)!

After you see the video, you can choose the best place to purchase by doing a simple cost comparison and seeing where it’s in stock and how it compares in price.

The rating system is very easy to understand (5 stars each for Pet Fun, People Fun, and Value). Below the ratings, you’ll see that they discuss what it is, why it’s fun, who it’s designed for, and things you should be aware of.



We think you’ll like this new way to shop for pet toys and gear! TTPM is combines expert reviews (both video and written) with real-time price comparison, sales notifications, one-click purchasing, and product availability at major retailers.

For more on TTPM, be sure to check out the new Pets section for pet product reviews and follow on these social media channels as well:


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