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Halloween Yard Decor You Won’t Want to Miss


Honestly, Halloween stresses me out. To me, it symbolizes a time of year when I have to stress out over ways to Keep Pets Calm as the doorbell rings for hours on end, and worry incessantly about the small colony of feral cats (mostly black cats) that I feed every day.

But even I must admit that these clever folks brought back my holiday spirit with the way they decorated their yards! They sure have gone above and beyond to make Halloween a more interesting time of year (and far more humorous!).

Here are some of the best decor for yards that we’ve seen this year (and information on how you can find the materials to make your own fun Halloween display…

To get these effects, they ordered some fun Halloween decor for their yard. Here’s where you can pick up your own dog, cat, and human skeletons for the holidays.

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Spooky Cat Skeleton

This is such a fun way to decorate a yard or window! We can’t wait to see what our readers come up with!

Halloween yards

Spooky Dog Skeleton

Come up with new ways to decorate your yard using these adorable dog skeletons. Amazon has all sizes available – just click the photo below.

Halloween yards

Humorous Human Skeleton

These “Pose and Stay” skeletons are designed to mimic the movement of a human body. This allows you to pose them in natural ways (just as the real humans would spend a day at the dog park or playing fetch in the yard). These are available in many sizes. Not feeling quite as adventurous? Dress them up!

Halloween yards

Other Animal Skeletons

These days, the only limit to holiday decor and lawn art is your own imagination. Here is where you can find some decorative Halloween skeletons in a variety of animal shapes!

Halloween yards
Bat Skeleton


Buzzard Skeleton
Buzzard Skeleton
Spider Skeleton
Spider Skeleton
Raven Skeleton
Raven Skeleton
Owl Skeleton
Owl Skeleton

Battle of Bats

No reason to fear a rabies epidemic – these bats feature glowing red eyes so you know when they’re coming. They also hang harmlessly from trees to make any Halloween yard a bit spookier. Have fun – be sure you order more than one!

Halloween Yards

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