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Premier Pogo Plush Toys


The name is Plush. Pogo Plush

And other than where to buy, this is really all you need to know about this product. But we are so absolutely and totally in love with these toys that we want to give you the entire story of our experience. We’re also trying to figure out a way to offer Premier Pet a special award for developing such a great dog toy that has taken our pets well over two months to make a dent in. Since the typical plush toy lasts exactly 8 minutes in our household, you can understand how happy we are with a toy that has lasted for months.

For the record, Cheiss’ process of destruction on a typical plush squeaky toy is exacting. Here is how the destruction occurs:

He circles the plush toys, seeking out the weakest area (usually the nose or eyes), and proceeds to remove that area with exacting precision. From there, the stuffing is removed, left discarded on the floor like a dropped pillow. At this point, he locates the squeaker and removes it with the expertise of a surgeon. After these tasks have been accomplished, we are left staring at the discarded skin of what once was an exquisite toy.

Premier’s Pogo Plush Toys are the exceptions to this process.

Cheiss has tried for weeks to destroy the toy in the same way he’s destroyed hundreds of others. Yet, he has failed miserably in his attempts. There are very few weak spots in the stitching of Pogo Plush toy. I’m not sure what process they use to manufacture, but it’s a good one!

The free-floating squeaker is protected by a cage of thick rubber that is nearly impossible to penetrate, yet still allows plenty of “bounce-back” for gnawing. This rubber cage acts just like a human rib cage and provides optimum protection so the dog can spend days chewing and tearing, and still not stop the toy from squeaking.

The only toy Cheiss has had longer than the Pogo Plush toy is a solid rubber Kong ball. (You know, the kind they hardly ever sell anymore because it’s like throwing a brick.) But, he loves that ball and still destroys at least one per year.

When I say we test the products we review, I’m serious. Here’s a sneak peak at how well these toys hold up under the pressure of a large, destructive dog (for two months) and three rambunctious puppies.


These toys are stuffing free, so there’s no mess if your dog likes to destroy plush toys!  Pogo Plush toys are available in large and small sizes, allowing all any breed plenty of playtime. We’re confident it will hold up to the most destructive of dogs.

No toy is completely indestructible. But Pogo Plush toys will last much longer than any other toy on the market (that we’ve reviewed). This allows plenty of playtime for your pets and equates to a much better return on your investment. The toys retail between $8 – $16 depending on size and shape. We can tell you it is well worth the price!

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. Affiliate links are used in article.

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