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And we thought Katrina was bad…


Just a little more than five short years ago
I believed Katrina to be our worst pet tragedy
But I now know, that I was very sadly mistaken
The tragedy for pets today, is our abysmal economy

All one very sadly has to do today, is to open one’s eyes
America’s pets are now being left behind, all across our nation
From Los Angeles to Boston, from San Antonio to Minneapolis
America’s horrendous wholesale pet betrayal, now has no cessation

 Five years ago, so many of us spent many days and nights, in New Orleans
Attempting to round up and rescue thousands of pets abandoned in the storm
But today, from coast to coast, in a nation which once treasured our family pets
Dumping them, and expecting them to fend for themselves, is sadly now the norm

And today, people like myself, who still care about animals, who are at our mercy
Now spend a lot of time, attempting to help as many as we can, in our communities
But there are far too few of us, to even make a dent, in the number of abandoned pets
We so desperately need many more compassionate souls, in every corner of our country

In cities and towns like Houston, we now have places called ‘Corridors of Cruelty’
Where people are now dumping dogs and cats and birds and hamsters, in the woods
In cities and towns like Detroit, where home foreclosures are continuing to skyrocket
Pets are being left behind by the thousands – pets that are extremely loving and good

And very sadly to me, we as a nation, will not even admit, our national pet abandonment
Many of our politicians, and many citizens, refuse to even address, today’s massive tragedy
Cities and towns across America, are also now blocking animal advocates from speaking out
Please America, Watch This Video, and Become an Advocate, For Those Who Cannot Speak

And Please Pass This Video On,
To Others in Your Own Community;
This is Happening Everywhere Now,
Please Open Your Own Eyes, and See.


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