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Heaven to Home Soy Candles & Reed Diffusers


If you enjoy candles you likely know by now that soy candles are superior to those made of paraffin wax.  They burn longer, cleaner and cooler than their paraffin counterparts.  With all of the health and environmental benefits soy candles have to offer, they make an excellent choice for the conscientious buyer.

Whether you’re on the lookout for something better that the soy candles you’ve used in the past or you want to try them for the first time, check out Heaven to Home Angels for Animals all natural soy candles.  The most attractive part of the Heaven to Home candles for me—besides how amazing they smell—is that a portion of their proceeds  are donated to animal welfare.  I figure I’m going to buy candles anyway, so I might as well get them from a company that is doing something to better the world around us.  You know how passionately we at PetsWeekly feel about animal welfare!

Heaven to Home has three different sizes to choose from (not including their 9 oz. memorial candles, but I’ll get to those in a moment), in a variety of pleasant fragrances.  We are not big on “heavy” scents, preferring the lighter fragrance that won’t overwhelm our own or our pets senses. Heaven to Home’s candles and reed diffusers are purrfect for all types of households.

The smallest candle they offer boasts a burn time of at least 35 hours, while the largest can burn for more than 160 hours.  If you burned the largest candle they offer for 2 hours a day, it could last for up to three months!  To get the most from your candle, be sure to follow directions. You’ll want to allow an hour of burn time per inch of candle on the “first burn,” then use scissors or a wick-trimmer to keep the wick at the optimum height. (This will help any candle last much longer.)

If you have cats, birds, reptiles or any other type of animal that is highly sensitive to scents and fumes, reed diffusers may be the solution. Heaven to Home Angels for Animals reed diffusers are currently available in 3 comforting fragrances.  Since they use all natural oils (100% free of harmful solvents and alcohol) that soak up through the reed, rather than just coat it, their reeds create a softer scent for sensitive noses.

Now, on to the memorial candles I mentioned earlier.  Heaven to Home understands that losing a pet can be devastating.  They designed the Heaven to Home Animal Memorial Candles to give the grieving pet owner a beautiful and unique way to memorialize their pet.  Offered in 2 fragrances, each Memorial Candle has a hang tag that lets the recipient know that a portion of the sale was donated in honor of their pet, and offers them a chance to post a memorial on the Heaven to Home website. It makes a great gift for another animal lover who may have gone through a recent loss.

There are countless candle options available on the market, but choosing Heaven to Home products will accomplish so much more than buying the average candle.  They truly are “the gift that gives back.”


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