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The Toughest Plush Toys for Tough Chewers


Chew toys are often described as indestructible, yet if you have a chewer, you know that there is no such thing as an indestructible chew toy – especially when it comes to our pets favored plush toys. The best we can hope for is a slightly less easily destroyed toy that will last longer than an hour. Good news, we have a few of them for you. If you have a heavy chewer that is prone to toy destruction, you’ll want to take a look at four of our favorite brands of plush chew toys that will last longer than any other plush toy on the market.

Remember, “indestructible” is a relative term. No plush toy will last against the heaviest of chewers for longer than a few hours, but we love that these hold up to the abuse nearly any dog can dish out – much better and a lot longer than other brands… If your dog absolutely gets through everything, and you’re not independently wealthy, you may want to stick with the heavy duty solid rubber toys. But, for the dogs who love to chew soft things, these are the toys you’ll want to stick with.

PetSafe: Pogo Plush Dog Toys

 The Pogo Plush toys from PetSafe have a hard rubber rib cage that contains a free-floating squeaky. Now, your pets will eventually get through the plush layer, but it will take a long time. Since the squeaky part moves freely through the rib cage, it’s very hard for a dog to actually grab hold of during regular playtime. This not only keeps their attention, it keeps the toy intact and the squeaky squeaking for a long time. No stuffing, means no mess. Yet, the rib cage offers a very satisfying “stuffing” feel that dogs love.

Available in two sizes (large and Small) and in a variety of styles that include a rabbit, raccoon, and more. Retail prices begin around $9.99 and increase according to size.

Quaker Pet Group: goDog Dog Toys

The goDog Dragons toys have a layer of mesh under the plush part of the toys. This is known as ChewGuard Technology and is specifically designed to withstand tough play. They have an extensive line of toy sizes and shapes, including the popular Zombiez (popular with The Walking Dead crowd) and our personal favorite, the Dragons (popular with the Game of Thrones crowds), and MANY more. Not only is this one of the best plush chew toys around, it’s guaranteed. If the goDog toy does not outlast your standard plus, they will replace it free of charge (limited to one-time, one replacement per household).

Prices range from $7.99 up depending on size and style.

Kong: Shakers Dog Toys

Kong is a longtime tough chewer favorite and they have introduced a line of plush toys that are designed to be shaken! If your dog loves to thrash his toys, the KONG Shakers are one of the tougher plush toys you’ll find. Their unique “rattle sound”, coupled with a squeaker, is sure to keep your dogs obsessed. The durable center pattern is perfect for withstanding a good shake and they are perfect for indoor playtime.

Prices range from $8.99 up depending on size and shapes.

Tuffy: Dog Toys

Tuffy Dog Toy toys are so tough that they give them to tigers and bears to play with (seriously, you can even view some video of tigers and bears playing with the toys on their site).  Each toy has seven rows of stitching, four layers of material, protective webbing and squeaker safety pockets. The extra tough stitching means that the seams are more difficult to gnaw through and the toys are tough enough to last a long time. There are dozens of styles (even some Chinese-style dragons) and each shape presents different challenges to your pets.

Prices range from $8.50 for the “Jr series” to over $50 for the extra large tiger-type toys. Be sure you check the “Tuff scale” to make sure you’re getting the toughest toys for your tough chewers.

Kyjen Invincibles

The Kyjen Invincibles line of toys are a newer addition to the tough chew market. The new extreme seams are stronger with double-layered seams and the Dura Tuff material make these great for extreme chewers. The most interesting part of the toys are the patent-pending squeakers that will continue squeaking even after they’ve been punctured! They are available in sizes ranging from two to six squeakers. We really love the Snake toy (Brock’s favorite) and the Blue Gecko (Bree’s favorite).

Prices range from $10.49 to $18.99 depending on size.

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