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The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers

roller cat

This week, we were able to spend some time reviewing the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers Interactive Toy for Cats and Small Dogs , and I gotta tell you – my cats had a ball with it. Not only did my cats love them, my kids loved them.

The machine is not really a machine, per se’. It’s an easy-to-assemble cardboard sheet that is rolled up (with pre-scored rolling areas to make it super easy). After you roll up the little containers, you place one of the pre-filled catnip sachets inside and voila! You have an adorable little cat toy that everyone will love. You can also put cat treats or kitty kibble in if you’re so inclined, and the little holes let the odors waft out!

The best thing about this toy? It doesn’t make a mess. The satchets keep the catnip intact, the cats love to play cat hockey with it and try to gain access to the catnip, and the catnip (and cardboard) keep them all so busy that you don’t have to worry about them losing interest anytime soon.

It’s 100% recyclable, which is great for the environmentally friendly cat (and who doesn’t have one of those these days?), and they don’t come apart easily.

I had an adorable video of my niece assembling one of these as the Cog looks on, but I’m having problems with my computer handling video right now. So – stay tuned and as soon as it’s live, I’ll get it mentioned in my blog and on this page.

Invest in a few of these fun toys. Your kids will love the creativeness of the project, the cats will love to assist with decorative elements, and you will love how busy it keeps your kitties.

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