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Interactive Feather Whirl Cat Toy from SmartyKat


When it comes to cat toys, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in the industry. Sure, we see a lot of new product lines coming out, but they all come down to new patterns rather than true innovation. That’s why we were very excited to review the new Feather Whirl™ toy from SmartyKat® .

This interactive toy engages all of a cat’s hunting instincts. It’s a prey toy – meaning it encourages your cat to jump, stalk, hunt, and chase – all of which are things that your cat naturally wants to do anyway. This is a fun way to exercise your cat, encourage them to play, and hopefully help them lose weight.

How does it work?


So, what’s the secret to this toy? Well, for starters, it doesn’t operate on a fixed “pattern”. The movement is completely random, it constantly changes movement so your cat will never know what diretion its going to move, and it won’t bore your feline friend.


It’s made of highly durable BHA-free plastic so your cats can play, bite or chew without fear of exposing them to toxic chemicals. Best of all, it’s nearly unbreakable. Our cats have been at it for days and have yet to break this toy or slow it down in any way.

Despite being powered by a motor, the Feather Whirl™ toy is whisper quiet. There is no noise to put your cat off, or scare them away. The SmartyKat® Feather Whirl™ comes complete with a programmed rotating base, whisper-quiet motor and Feather Whirl™ attachment. Just add two AA batteries and you’re ready to play!


If you order through this link, SmartyKat is offering a special bonus that includes:

  • Feather Whirl Toy
  • Free bag of SmartyKat® 100% Certified Organic Catnip
  • Two (2) Duracell AA batteries!
  • Bonus TOYS: Pack of three (3) Skitter Critters toys (valued at $13.00)that includes the Bouncy Mouse and Loco Laser

All for $19.95

Also, if you are interested in purchasing an extra set of wands for your Feather Whirl, you can order a bonus set of 3 different wands for only $9.95 (this is a $15 value!)

Order now – these will make fantastic gifts for your friends during the holidays and it’s definitely going on our “holiday list” this year. We just wanted to bring it to you as they run the special – this deal won’t last long!

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