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KritterKondo Cat Enclosures


If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your cats safe outside, look no further. KritterKondo offers the best of both worlds.

City dwellers know how important the sun is to their furry friends, and while it’s important to include shading whenever your pet is outside (which I hear that the Kondo Konnector Play Enclosure offers this feature), this is a wonderful option for indoor pets who want to visit the great outdoors.

It’s purrfect for small patio owners (nothing to stake to ground), whenever you’re on the road, or when your pets need a secure environment. We know not everyone travels with your cat, but if you do, this is the best way we’ve found to let them safely stretch their legs and get some valuable sunshine.

Others that could benefit from the easy to use design include hotels, condo owners, and homeowners who know that an outdoor cat is not an option.

The one-piece, lightweight, easy to set up design offers flexibility in moving it as well and folds flat for easy storage and moving. Fold the entire structure up and place inside the specially designed bag that you can throw over your shoulder and take along with you. The whole thing folds completely flat.

When it’s set up, the Kritter Kondo set-up measures 2′ High x 2.5′ Wide x 5.5′ Long – plenty of room for any felines or smaller dogs to laze around while you watch from the patio (although it’s recommended that you keep any chewers – such as puppies – away from the netting). With no stakes required, no problems setting up as a free-standing unit, it’s our favorite portable kennel for cats and we are confident that everyone owned by a feline will love it as much as their cats do.

The XXX provides even more creature comforts.  Featuring a collapsible shade canopy and convenient carrying case, the Kritter Kondo Deluxe also features double doors — giving pet owners access to their pets on either side of the enclosure.  We haven’t seen it yet, but once we do, we’ll give you the lowdown on it!

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