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KittyWalk Cat Enclosures


It’s nearly Christmas time and everyone is in search of some great new items for their kitties!  We have one that is purrfect for your indoor cats who want out, and will keep your outdoor cats safe while they get some fresh air.  The Kittywalk Enclosure system allows everyone to have a great time in a safe environment, without major modifications to your home or yard.

The KittyWalk arrives in a rather heavy box that demonstrates its sturdy structure.  We began our journey of exploration with the Lawn Version of the unit, a long tube-like structure that allows your cats to explore the world in a safe environment, and protects them from just about everything wild.  Here in the deserts of Arizona, we are just coming into that time of year when all of the animals want to be outside, and it becomes a challenge to keep them indoors. 

 With this handy little unit, we can set up a temporary structure, and when we are not using it, the entire unit folds into itself and easily fits into it’s carrying case for use elsewhere.  However, we used ours a little differently. 

We set up an escape area through a window that lies rather close to the ground using the Let Meow’t cat door unit.  This allows are escape area to be safely contained and even remain insulated against the cool winter air.  The cats enter the unit, and are then free to lounge around in comfort in the warming sun.  The unit simply expands out to a full ten feet, stakes into the ground with specially designed stakes that allow a sturdy and safe set up.  

When the unit is not in use, it can be folded into its case measuring only 19” Wide, 31” High, 5” Deep. 

When in use, the dimensions are 19” Wide, 24” High, 10 Ft. Long.  Additional units can be easily added using the simple “snap on rail” technique. 

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As I mentioned, we modified ours in order to create a more permanent run for the cats by cutting a hole in the side of the unit to accommodate the cats entry to and from the home. The netting is very strong, and it completely encloses the unit, even on the ground.  We set it up on the lawn, and the netting was barely visible, which increased our cats confidence of being in an enclosed area. 

We have had several rainstorms and some nasty winds roll through here in the time we have had it set up, and it has not been weathered at all.  It’s weather-resistant and easy to use – two of our favorite things. 

One thing to remember when using this system is that your pets should not be unattended when they are out in the unit.  We close our access door when we leave the home or go to bed each evening.  

While we have never had a problem with this unit, there is always the potential of a cat being caught up in the netting and panicking.  Another thing to remember is that your cat’s collars should be removed prior to them entering the unit. Again, the netting can allow for an injury if they are caught up. 

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Even with breakaway collars, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Kittywalk mentions this in the instructions for use, and being responsible retailers of a unique product, have shown ways in which your cat can safely enjoy the unit.

In all, we love the KittyWalk Kittywalk Town-&-Country Pet Enclosure version and will likely be adding the Grand Prix, the Kittywalk Penthouse and the Kittywalk Kabana to our Lawn unit soon!  The cats love being able to roll in the grass and soak up the healing rays of Arizona sunshine, and we love knowing that our cats are in a safe environment outdoors.

From the Cats:

  • Hisses & Spits: We need a few more of these units for our house!  Each cat should have his own!
  • Purrs: All paws up – the KittyWalk system is the cat’s meow!

From the humans:

  • Two opposable thumbs up! Your cats will love this innovative way of exploring the outdoor world!  Great for all cats! 
  • Drawback? Remember to keep the collars off while they are in the run, and be sure that you can attend to them while they are outdoors.  You’ll have as much fun watching as your cats do lounging!
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