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Let Meow’t


This is a different type of product for cats.  It allows them outdoor access in a safe way, and when used with the proper corresponding materials, can be an absolutely fabulous way for our favorite felines to enjoy the great outdoors! 

I have to qualify this product with one statement:  Use it with another product such as Purr…fect Fence or Cat Fence In or even this wonderful product which you can also read about now, KittyWalk.  Do this, and you’ll have a fantastic product that you can feel safe about and your cats will thank you for!Now – about the product itself.

Let Meow’t is a unique system that fits right into your window.  No holes to drill into your wall or doors, no screens to cut open, no special windows to purchase.  It does, however, require a window that opens vertically, not horizontally.   If you have such a window, you will find this to be a product that is nearly indestructible, is something that your cats will find endless pleasure from, and is worth the money (averaging $100.00).

The product is incredibly sturdy and once your cat figures out that the entire backyard is at his or her disposal, he or she will be anxious to wind their way through the short maze inside the box.  It took mine a little coaxing, but as we all know, cats are curious creatures and it is only a matter of time before they explore this new wondrous venture.

The assembly of this product took little time.  Each piece is individually marked with a letter, and then wrapped in a protective covering which is also marked with the same letter. It’s a bit like putting together a puzzle!  And believe it or not I, who abhor any type of rules, any type of directions, had a good time putting it together.

The assembled piece fits nicely inside of the window, although the actual adjustments can be a bit tricky (at least for this writer).  I had to solicit my husbands help on that one.  And again, we need to warn you to be certain that your beloved cats stay healthy, safe and happy by being released into a compound of some type, not into the unrestricted outdoors. 

This product took home Second place in the 2004 APPMA Best New Product Award, and they came in Third place as Best In Show for the same.  It’s little wonder why.  You need to experience this yourself.  The product is sturdy, well-built, and designed for a lifetime of use.  Your finicky feline is sure to thank you for it!


From the Cats:

Hisses & Spits: It’s a little too small for Socks and some of the bigger cats – he takes up the entire inside when he tries to go through, but the rest of us love it!

Purrs: Purring contentedly… We love to be outside!  ROAR!

From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up!! This is a great way to have a cat flap or door without permanently scarring your home.  A window unit is a great way to go!  Especially valuable for renters!

Drawback? Be sure that the outside door enters into an environment as safe as the indoors.  You should install safety fencing to cat-proof your backyard.  Also – this is a unit for smaller pets, so be sure that your cats are not Norwegian Forest Cats or they won’t make it through here!

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