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Flax Fur Pets


You all know how important it is to supplement our pet’s diet. While you and your vet are really the only ones who can recommend certain nutritional supplements, we want to make you aware of some great options out there.

We recently came across a new product line from Opie & Dixie that we think would be a fabulous addition to your pet’s regular diet.

Did you know that flax is one of the most efficient, balanced sources of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9? More on flax later – let’s talk Omega fatty acids for a moment. In case you didn’t know, these acids work synergistically to enhance the immune system, and provide for healthy skin and lustrous coats. The trick with fatty acids is that your body can’t create them – they have to be consumed. Generally this can be done by eating fish or taking a supplement, or in another way that I’m sure I don’t know about. But, let’s focus on the way you can get them through a supplement…

Flax Fur Pets is a special way to get your fatty acids (and more) through a supplement and it is also a very tasty way to do it. Our pets love this product, they take it easily (just throw it on top of wet or dry food), and we’ve now seen many of the claims come true after only a couple of weeks. Our pets coats are silkier, the dogs are shedding less, and they are itching much less.

Flax is an interesting plant. First it’s the richest source of lignans known. If you don’t know what a lignan is, here you go (I had to look it up too).

The word linoleic actually comes from the Greek word linon, which means flax. Lignans are natural plant compounds found not only in flaxseeds, but in beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Research findings are concluding that the chemicals released by these plant hormones in the body are able to block the action of certain cancer-causing substances. Because of their anti-inflammatory effects, large doses of omega 3 fatty acids have been shown beneficial in treating dogs and cats with allergies. (Opie & Dixie, 2006)

Besides the lignan and fatty acids, Flax Fur Pets has an abundance of other great ingredients including lecithin, kelp, brewers yeast, barley grass, alfalfa, and a bunch of vitamins & minerals that help everything from eyesight to hip dysplasia.

I have never met anyone more knowledgeable on all things flax than the owner of Opie & Dixie, Debbie Guardian. She’s had a long journey in creating this amazing line of products, and all of the journey centered on the complete health of her dogs, Opal and Dixie. Committed to her pups, she’s created an amazing supplement in the form of Flax Fur Pets and I strongly suggest you give it a try at home!


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