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The Benefits of Bone Broth


You’ve likely all heard the arguments for giving your dogs bone broth, the nutrient-dense stock liquid made from simmering raw or cooked bones at low heat over long periods of time. It’s a popular supplement not only for pets, but for humans as well.

Bone broth is rich in nutrients and carnivores (and omnivores) love the taste.

There are a number of recorded benefits to giving this to your pets. It can help alleviate pain associated with inflammation (*like arthritis), digestive disorders (like leaky gut and food allergies) and bone broth also supports good joint health. In fact, it tops the list of natural remedies for soothing stiff joints.

So, we know that there are tons of benefits to giving your pet bone broth, but honestly, who has the time to make batches of bone broth every week? We found some options for those who don’t want to cook.

Of course, bone broth from the source will always be better and stronger in nutrients, but if don’t have the time to make it every few days, we’ve discovered a few alternatives that are ready made for you!


[heading style=”1″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]The Honest Kitchen: Bone Broth with Turmeric[/heading]

As you know, we’re rabid fans of the foods  from The Honest Kitchen, and their instant Beef and Bone Broth with Turmeric is a huge hit with our pets. It comes in adorable easy-to-store canisters as a powder/freeze dried meal. Just mix it with warm water to make a nourishing, irresistibly mouthwatering drink that’s got a few health-promoting properties, too.

The Honest Kitchen calls it a treat with benefits. Our pets call it DELICIOUS! It’s the best way to coax a dog or cat to eat or drink more water. This is what we use to coax Brock, who rarely drinks enough water, to get more fluids into his system.

The thing I love best is that they have added turmeric into the recipe so your pets get the added benefits of this amazing spice.

Turmeric can play an important role due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It tops the list for natural remedies for treating dogs with stiff joints. Great for both dogs and cats, it can be served as a satisfying drink between meals, poured on kibble for a little extra moisture or used to coax dog to drink more water. Their bone broth is incredibly versatile and super good for dogs.


[heading style=”1″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Caru Bone Broth[/heading]

Their Beef Bone Broth comes prepackaged in a carton and is already in liquid form. Just pour into a dish or add to their food as a delicious topper.

Caru’s Beef Bone Broth is made by slowly simmering bones from grass-fed cattle and then they add organic carrots, organic celery and organic parsley to a flavorful, nutrient-rich stock. It’s topped off with a dash of apple cider vinegar and just a touch of natural seasonings to increase the flavor.

Just like Caru stews, their Bone Broth is cooked in small batches with 100 percent human grade, all-natural, non-genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients and produced in a human grade facility in the United States. It can be served as a tasty between-meal treat, or poured over dry or raw food to enhance its appetite appeal.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]How Much Does My Dog Need?[/heading]

However you choose to give your dog bone broth, remember that it can be very rich and it’s not a good idea to give it to your pets in large servings. Just a few tablespoons in a serving for giant dogs and less than a teaspoon for small dogs, is all they need.

The recommended serving is 1/4 cup per 25 pounds of weight. But since this is a high-powered treat, we recommend you build up to that amount over a few days. Think of it as a delicious food topper or special treat for pets.

And if you still want to make your own bone broth, we’ve got your recipe here.

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