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K9 Honey is made for dogs (but you’ll love it too!)


K9 Honey is the first raw honey just for pets. Locally sourced and infused with pollen from geographic regions around the United States, K9 Honey has the potential to make a real difference in your pet’s life.

3-Second Overview
K9 Honey: Raw honey gently blended with pollen from nine geographical regions and is:

  • Naturally antiviral, antibiotic, antiseptic
  • Improves digestion, decreases digestive ailments and symptoms
  • Helps improve healing time for wounds and burns

Retail: $9.99 on Amazon

Raw Honey for Dogs

If you’ve never tried raw honey, it’s time to look into it for you and your pet.

Raw honey is a fabulous, all-natural way to improve your pet’s digestion, prevent skin and fur issues, decrease allergy symptoms, and help improve overall immunity.

K9 Honey can be a great all-natural remedy for dogs who experience digestive problems (thanks largely to the natural occurrence of amylase – a digestive enzyme that is naturally found chiefly in saliva and pancreatic fluid, that converts starch and glycogen into simple sugars).

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How Much Raw Honey Can My Dog Have?

Check the schedule below to see how much your dog might need to see a difference.

Raw Honey for Wound Care

Raw honey can also be used in natural wound care and is largely considered more effective than other types of creams and salves due to its natural antiviral, antibiotic, antiseptic qualities.

Since raw honey can’t grow bacteria, it doesn’t attract or house bacteria and the body absorbs the excess honey like any medicated cream.

Raw honey has been found to dramatically decrease healing time, particularly in severe burns and open wounds.

Raw Honey for Kennel Cough

We love that many people use K9 Honey to alleviate symptoms of Kennel Cough as well as help strengthen the immune system to guard against it! You can read more about that in their very informative site where they list many resources as well as peer-reviewed studies about raw honey.

In most cases, you’re going to read about the benefits of buying local raw honey. That’s always a great solution, but with K9 Honey, you know what the quality will be and you know you’re getting the proper pollen for your region.

You’ll also find that K9Honey is slightly less expensive than what you may pay locally.

K9 Honey retails for $9.99 per 12 oz jar.

We’re very excited about this product and love the company – we think you will be excited too! Head on over to K9Honey.com and pick up your jar now!

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