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5 Cooling Treats for Pets in Summer


The dog days of summer make for some hot animals! We found some fantastic treats that are sure to cool your pets during the day.

Some of them are special buys, some are “DIY,” but you’ll find a treat for every budget in this article!

Ice Pups™ from The Honest Kitchen

Ice pups™ are “make-at-home,” grain-free treats for dogs and cats. Made from dehydrated chicken and turkey, they are perfect for cooling pets off in the heat. They arrive as a powdery mix that merely needs to be rehydrated with water, and the best thing about these treats is that they can be served three different ways. In winter, you can serve them as a warm broth, in summer you simply freeze and serve as a puppy Popsicle. They are also great served over ice or blended to make a healthy, tasty sorbet.

To help you out, we worked on a deal with The Honest Kitchen to provide special savings for PetsWeekly readers – use the code PETSWEEK13 when you check out to save 5% on your entire order!cooling treats for pets

Make Your Own: Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker 

This is a special bowl that you can use to freeze your pets favorite toys into a large block of ice. The special stand keeps the ice block elevated so your pet can work on it throughout the day without getting their paws dirty. This is a fun way to keep your pets busy during the hot summer day and it hydrates, cools and provides treats they already love.

cooling treats for pets

Frozen Kong Toy

cooling treats for petsThere’s nothing better than a frozen Kong toy! The Classic Kong works best (in our opinion).

Simply fill up with your pets favorite mash (it could be a pumpkin puree or a fresh creation of frozen treats), freeze and the next morning, toss it onto the patio for hours of fun.

Remember, this can be a messy treat so be sure you give it to them in an area that is easily cleaned.

Classic Kong Chew

Nature’s Variety SweetSpots

cooling treats for petsYour pets are sure to love these creamy, delicious frozen treats!

Made with only natural ingredients, they are 98% lactose free, fortified with whey protein and enriched with live active yogurt cultures.

They are available in two tasty flavors: Sweet potato and Molasses or Peanut Butter and Honey. You’ll find them in the freezer section of your boutique pet stores!

cooling treats for pets

PetStages Cool Teething Chew

If your pet is younger, they will love this interactive teething toy that can be frozen the night before. Perfectly sized for the smallest of breeds, this mini chew can be frozen to help soothe tender gums.

cooling treats for pets

Remember, never leave your pet unattended with toys!

Tell us about your pets favorite summertime treat! Just leave a comment with a recipe or idea.

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